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Soon the occupiers who feel privileged will realize that privileges are not rights and hopefully leave and go home. The far right occupiers are more about a sense of entitlement so they will stay and get arrested, their new home will be a jail cell where they can contemplate their mistakes.

SnowyOwl 8 Feb 16
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That is lying politician telling us we have freedom. When we have privileges and they even break them. Only people who do nothing about their freedom, deserve horrible Tyranny and their safety salvery.

This one is for the Canadian Citizens, of which you are one and the same, correct?



I'm a bio organisms first and a tyrant wants to force a possibly russian roulette lethal injection into my body. Without any serious science or positive model behind it.
WEF Klaus is very proud of Trudeau and half his staff are members of this world order. Trudeau most admirers top dictator's leaders around the world and his whole life, Trudeau has three shots and caught Covid twice. I will leave my country before I'm force anything into my body. or I'll kill themself before the most evil people in the world do it. Yet, I can't imagine running out of ideas getting around these cold blooded reptiles.
My guess Trudeau is in very deep trouble greater than me.

@Castlepaloma Are you sure you're a Canadian? You would think you would have heard the news that the vaccine doesn't stop you from catching Covid but it does make the effects much less lethal and debilitating, often to the point that you don't even realize that you caught the virus at all.

Many countries that's, all you have to do, is catch Covid and get your freedom passport.
No, vaccines and Trudeau are done.
I don't care if he controls all the banks in Canada and freeze them all out to comply. My family is far more important than a nation and we know how to survive off grid.

@Castlepaloma When we have the next election we will see what the results are, that's how a parliamentary democracy works, but never by the actions of a few insurgents trying to overthrow our parliament. If that strikes you as unfair then perhaps another country would be more acceptable for you and your family. The world is your oyster but you have to go out and grab it.


Don't care about about elections, I'm an anarchist. Let them tear each other apart. They are not going to tear my family apart or conquer and divide us. Millions of Canadian are protesting in every major city in across Canada for freedom . Trudeau did all the harm of violence and shutting down businesses when their were record crowds of people there for great doing business in Ottawa. Not seen a more peaceful and loving protest in my life. I've spent most of my waking hours of my life loving what I do. Not going to change a thing for a greedy one world order tyranny.

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