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Patrick Moore a co-founder of Greenpeace & Ph.D in ecology was recently quoted by a BC MLA (Rustad). Since his quote about the great barrier reef didn't agree with the liberal party line he was cancelled from their caucus.

Just another example of the extreme positions taken by global warming alarmists. I don't understand why anyone would believe everything that governments or their paid acolytes tell them.

What got me wondering about the dire global warming predictions was the prediction by UN scientists in 1989 that within 30 yrs global warming would cause ocean levels to rise & result in coastal flooding of cities.

Has anyone who has lived beside an ocean for decades noticed any rise in the ocean level? I haven't.

And then there was the warning about the great barrier reef dying & recently it has been reported to have totally recovered & be as healthy as ever. Also, the polar bears were going to be extinct but now there are more of them than 10 yrs ago.

If our governments would spend half as much time worrying about our crumbling healthcare systems, which is costing lives daily, as they do about predictions which many reputable scientists including Nobel Prize winners disagree with, citizens in this Country & globally would be much better off.

callmedubious 8 Nov 4
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Glaciers are melting and perhaps you should talk to some low lying Pacific Islanders. The use of hydrocarbons equate pollution, especially plastic, so moving away from then is a good thing regardless of climatic change.

puff Level 7 Nov 4, 2022 think that the ocean can rise in the south pacific & remain normal in the rest of the world?

@callmedubious I think the rise in sea temperatures will probably cause more damage, creating stronger storms. Any sea level rise will be an event, not a gently curving graph, when it happens.
Any sea rise coupled with a king tide and powerful hurricane/ cyclone will sort out low lying coastal areas sooner or later. They are becoming more frequent. Seem to be breaking a lot of weather records lately. They only go back 100 odd years but still.

Non biodegradable plastic is great... sequesters carbon. We should insist on all plastics being non biodegradable and then bury them ... sort of like putting coal back in the ground.


maybe you could cite something . . . you know . . . like actual evidence?

did you go to the link to Moore?

@callmedubious yes i did and in fact I met Patrick several times over the years. Can't disagree with some of his concerns about loony environmentalists trying to run the show as I worked on several national and international govt/NGO/Industry groups designed to find common ground on issues related to forest practices. Some had success but others were certainly hijacked by extremist elements.

That being said, working in a sector which (simplified version here) plants trees and then tends them over periods of 50, 100, or more years to produce high value forest products, there is great concern over current climate trends and what this means over long the next centuries.

What was standard weather/climate ranges here when I began my career in the 80s is no longer true. Some economically important species are already experiencing significant growth and development problems. Insects and diseases from more southerly regions are growing in frequency, while significant periods of drought have increased dramatically in the last 2 decades impacting seedling establishment and enhancing wildfire severity. Air temps are current in the high teens and low 20s and this is NOVEMBER when trees should be well into winter dormancy!!!!! Instead they are still trying to vent heat

And yes sea level is rising but what most people do not realize is that it does not (and will not) rise evenly across the globe. The increase here has been small (few cm /decade) but already we are seeing dramatic increases in storm damage & saltwater intrusion along low coastal areas .

@bookofmorons , i don't know if you ever noticed but all the oceans flow into each other.
when you you are talking about a hot Nov. you are just talking weather, not climate.
it may be hot where you are but we are experiencing well below normal temps in western canada.

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