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Every time I hear this song I grow more certain that we made a terrible mistake.

Hicks66 7 Aug 28
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I haven't heard this one for a long time, especially with 300 cats being strangled to a beat. I kind of prefer the French version of O Canada because there's only a vague reference to the bearded buddy in the sky. I interpret "il sait porter la croix', as a nod to peace keeping because the cross could be a reference to peace == I know that's stretching it a bit but I prefer it that way. I might add that the French version is totally gender neutral. (The gender stuff is grammatical and not gender specific)


Simmer51 Level 6 Sep 8, 2018

Maple Leaf Forever is a nice enough tune, though the original lyrics do not appeal to much to the francophone world. MLF for better or worse has always been associated with King and Empire and the Union Jack. The original lyrics for O'Canada are equally sucky-schmaltzy, especially in French. I have solved the problem for myself by unlearning the words for both these tunes.

Arouet Level 7 Aug 28, 2018

Rhythmically, O Canada is a funeral dirge compared to MLF. As for the lyrics, I'm sure the Anglo-centrism could be tamed.

@Hicks66 I agree. OC is a pretty mournful tune. It has a hymn-like quality typical of much19th Century music. I don't like it much either. Deutschland über Alles or L'Internationale, now those are great tunes, politics aside.


Makes me miss “home”

Green_eyes Level 8 Aug 28, 2018

So, what are you doing there, wherever there is?

@Arouet, I’ve lived in Texas for 20+ years. After college the easiest way to get critical care nursing experience was in America. In Canada, you had to have the experience to get hired in those positions. I never intended to stay.

@Green_eyes You could come home. We got rid of half-wit Harper a couple of years ago. Global warming has improved the climate at bit, at least here in Alberta. We still have medicare. If there are lunatic fundamentalists, they keep their heads down. Cops are still not allowed to shoot people just for practice.


I dunno. I like Oh Canada. I don't like the references to a fairy tale entity throughout though. I agree with making it gender neutral, but how they did it really seems like bad grammar.

Umbral Level 8 Aug 28, 2018

If you keep the pronouns to "our" and "we", gender becomes moot.

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