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I am tired of Jason Kenney distorting information about transfer payments. Yes, the formula he and Harper created is flawed, but it calculates who receives the payments, not who pays them.

Neither Alberta nor any other province pays the transfer payment out of its provincial coffers. The money comes from federal income tax. It is possible to calculate how much money comes from federal taxpayers in each province, but that does not mean it come out of provincial coffers. Indeed, given that the average income in Alberta is down from what it used to be, Albertan federal taxpayers are likely paying less toward transfer payments than they used to.

Yes, the transfer payment formula is flawed and needs to be fixed. We need to work on solving the actual problem, not making political hay out of it.

DougTElmira 6 Nov 14
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But...the numbers are out there. I don't know what they are...but a total of individual and corporate income tax that flows to the federal government from each province can be compared to transfers back. I think there is a lag in the numbers and also some other things that may be distorting it. I'm not even sure. But when a province is still a net contributor ("have" province) and their economy is in shambles perhaps something is wrong with the formula.

Robeh Level 4 Dec 1, 2019

I certainly agree about the flaws in the formula. Alberta is a clear demonstration of this. There is always a lag in the numbers, but I think we can get closer to immediate reality than we are. However, the political spinning that Jason Kenney iis using does not help and serves to further the sentiment that somehow the East wants to do in the West.


Canada created a prairie provinces. The citizens of upper and lower Canada bought the land, built the railroad, recruited the immigrants. Federal scientist developed the strain of weed which grows in prairie conditions. Atlantic Canada fed them during the dirty 30s. Federal scientist developed the method used to extract bitumen From Tar Sands.
When Alberta was asked to sell their oil at below Market Price to keep Canada out of Recession in the early '80s, they refused. Now they want Canadians to buy it at above Market Price to save their bacon. Fuck 'em. They had a chance to diversify their economy and they obstinately refused. Too bad.

Wangobango3... a few factual errors. The citizens of upper and lower Canada did not buy the was thought to be owned by the Crown (native groups may argue that point). Universities and what used to be called Ag Canada (and other names before that) did most of the plant breeding work...but that applies to apples, to soybeans, to corn, as well as to wheat. And remember, Canada isn't just upper and lower Canada.… Atlantic Canada did send potatoes during the dirty thirty' grandmother was grateful to her dying day for that. The early 80's has never been forgotten in was many years before a house in Calgary, Edmonton, or many other places was worth what it had been in the late 70's. I could have bought half of the city I was in for $1 if I would have assumed the mortgages in place. Canada might not have gone into recession in the early 80's, but western Canada certainly did. I know...I was in the foreclosure business for several years there. And no one in western Canada wants anyone in eastern Canada to buy energy at above market price. Where the hell do you get that from.

As for diversifying their economy...fortunately it is somewhat diversified already. But unfortunately the energy sector is still very important to Canada's, and the west's, economy.

But you do a favor here Wango….you illustrate wonderfully how you view the west as an adjunct colony...not true "Canada"...and you remain ignorant of what Canada is. The "colonies" should keep quiet...they should continue to enrich the motherland of upper and lower Canada...and fuck them when they are in trouble is certainly their own fault.


Not really sure how they do this but Quebec seems to be getting a very large portion compared to everyone else

RoyMillar Level 9 Nov 14, 2019

"Seems" being the operative word.

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