Canadian, eh?

A group of Canucks who like to discuss non-theism and other things from our unique geo-political perspective north of the border.

A group of Canucks who like to discuss non-theism and other things from our unique geo-political perspective north of the border.

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Oct 4, 2023Oct 2023

Posted by 1patriot
Pedophiles are in politic world wide
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Canadian, eh?
Nov 4, 2022Nov 2022

Posted by callmedubious
Patrick Moore a co-founder of Greenpeace & Ph.D in ecology was recently quoted by a BC MLA (Rustad). Since his quote about the great barrier reef didn't agree with the liberal party line he was cancelled from their caucus. Just another example of ...
Canadian, eh?
Sep 28, 2021Sep 2021

Posted by SnowyOwl
It takes a great Canadian like John Candy to realize that everything is possible if we just put our mind to it and there's no reason why there shouldn't be a Jamaican Bobsled Team at the Winter Olympics.
Canadian, eh?
Apr 22, 2021Apr 2021

Posted by callmedubious
we're 1.
Canadian, eh?
Jul 1, 2020Jul 2020

Posted by Moravian
I watched the show last night where Ben Fogle revisited a couple living in British Columbia. The guy has made a business of taking tourists out into the forests to see bears in the wild, but hunters had been given permits to shoot...
Canadian, eh?
Feb 2, 2020Feb 2020

Posted by Surfpirate
The rape of our natural resources by smugglers continues, we need to defend our national animal.
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Canadian, eh?
Oct 22, 2019Oct 2019

Posted by SecularCat65
We have Justin although not the majority hoped for but people's thoughts have changed over the past four years so its understandable that the party would not enjoy a majority hoped for in this election. Our neighbors to the south are different ...
Canadian, eh?
Mar 14, 2019Mar 2019

Posted by ToolGuy
There are posters here who are depending on MSM for their opinions. Here is a more in-depth look at the SNC-Lavalin Affair.
Canadian, eh?
Feb 16, 2019Feb 2019

Posted by Babyoda
The log driver's waltz .Canada vignette .
Canadian, eh?
Nov 13, 2018Nov 2018

Posted by Slava3
Not to be outdone by the States

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Posted by 1patriot[rebelnews.

Posted by 1patriotDuring an interview with an Australian network taped earlier this week, Justin Trudeau stated, "In Canada, I am more popular than Jesus Christ" arrogant as as Biden both pricks, both pedophiles, ...

Posted by 1patriotThe pedophile turdeau.....being sued for imposing the emergency act.....

Posted by 1patriotin Canadian the liberals are shitting all over our veterans likely the same down south

Posted by 1patriot[globalresearch.

Posted by 1patriot[e-know.

Posted by 1patriotTrudeau's Liberals are closing weather monitoring stations in the North This is not the first time the Liberals have opted to memory-hole data that became an inconvenient truth in their quest to ...

Posted by 1patriot[karenkingston.

Posted by 1patriotThis is just a friendly reminded that govt demanded everyone be locked in their homes, have their businesses shut down and fired if they didn't submit to medical tyranny over covid.

Posted by Heather2367How Canadians see each other.

Posted by 1patriotLiberal scumbag fucks up the move to another top paying job to sit on his ass

Posted by 1patriotBREAKING: Trudeau Liberals PAID the World Economic Forum to produce a report that Justin could use in Canada to justify his Carbon Tax.

Posted by 1patriotJaco writes: A minor criticism if I may.

Posted by bookofmoronswhile we're on the subject of cold, hard to beat this one.

Posted by bookofmoronsGiven its been a bit chilly across the country in recent days, its interesting to see how the cold affects other things

Posted by 1patriotYes and we are being screwed

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