Canadian, eh?

A group of Canucks who like to discuss non-theism and other things from our unique geo-political perspective north of the border.

A group of Canucks who like to discuss non-theism and other things from our unique geo-political perspective north of the border.

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Canadian, eh?
Oct 10, 2022Oct 2022

Posted by QuidamOutrepont
Quebec's electoral system continues to alienate voters
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Jun 6, 2022Jun 2022

Posted by DougTElmira
Doug Ford just won a majority of the seats in the Ontario Legislative Assembly with 40 some % of the 46% of eligible voters who showed up to vote. That's, about 17% of the votes available. Prefential ballots anyone?
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Canadian, eh?
Nov 24, 2019Nov 2019

Posted by BourbonTroubador
Just spent 20 hours on Via train going to Ottawa to celebrate the Swearing-in of our area's new MP. Was an amazing once in a life-time experience. Was exciting to be part of such a great campaign team to support a great, smart guy that will ...
Canadian, eh?
Oct 22, 2019Oct 2019

Posted by demifeministgal
I don't know if anyone got targetted ads from Canada Strong and Proud (I did on fbook) but check out the scam they ended up running! Typicals cons >:/ "Elections Canada says it has received reports of misleading robocalls made to voters suggesting ...
Canadian, eh?
Jun 21, 2019Jun 2019

Posted by MsHoliday
Today is National Indigenous Day.
Canadian, eh?
Apr 16, 2019Apr 2019

Posted by Wangobango3
This is a Big Day in Alberta.Twitter suspended the accounts of pro NDP voters last night.
Canadian, eh?
Mar 3, 2019Mar 2019

Posted by ToolGuy
Just wondering of there is anybody there with ideas about how to make the Bank of Canada an issue in the upcoming election. Do Not direct me to COMER. I was the vice chair and have been a member for 25 years at least. More interested in knowing what ...
Canadian, eh?
Jun 26, 2018Jun 2018

Posted by Lukian
I always enjoy Chantal Hebert's analytical talents in Canadian politics. She's been around. The Conservatives are happy to double down on the approach that has served Donald Trump so well There was a time when a rookie leader of the official ...
Canadian, eh?
May 13, 2018May 2018

Posted by FedUpCanuck
Hi there all you non believers hows everyone doing tonight? Just waving hello from Toronto land of idiot voters

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Posted by 1patriotI think it’s time we stop pretending and getting rid of fossil fuels will somehow solve all of the world, so-called climate problems! Robbie Picard

Posted by 1patriotKICKLEI is kicking off! With a dedication to all Canadian Patriots, Especially Those “Who Can`t Get to Ottawa.

Posted by 1patriotthe whole liberal party become millionaires

Posted by 1patriotDozens of Ottawa protestors file several lawsuits seeking tens of millions of dollars from the government, RCMP, banks, and others over the Emergency Act invocation that was ruled unconstitutional ...

Posted by 1patriotALL Native and Non-Native people of Canada will want to see this interview by Dan Dicks from Press For Truth [pressfortruth.

Posted by 1patriot[rebelnews.

Posted by 1patriotDuring an interview with an Australian network taped earlier this week, Justin Trudeau stated, "In Canada, I am more popular than Jesus Christ" arrogant as as Biden both pricks, both pedophiles, ...

Posted by 1patriotThe pedophile turdeau.....being sued for imposing the emergency act.....

Posted by 1patriotin Canadian the liberals are shitting all over our veterans likely the same down south

Posted by 1patriot[globalresearch.

Posted by 1patriot[e-know.

Posted by 1patriotTrudeau's Liberals are closing weather monitoring stations in the North This is not the first time the Liberals have opted to memory-hole data that became an inconvenient truth in their quest to ...

Posted by 1patriot[karenkingston.

Posted by 1patriotThis is just a friendly reminded that govt demanded everyone be locked in their homes, have their businesses shut down and fired if they didn't submit to medical tyranny over covid.

Posted by Heather2367How Canadians see each other.

Posted by 1patriotLiberal scumbag fucks up the move to another top paying job to sit on his ass

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