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Hi there. I would be curious to know what folks think about harvest/curing. Thanks.

OlderWiser 5 Aug 12
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I cut it all down,then go to 18 hours on the clones I pulled 4 weeks before just my plan works good for me

Corvus Level 6 Aug 18, 2018

There's various schools of thought about this topic. What I did:

I would harvest a few main branches at a time. Take them to my trim area.
Strip off the fan leaves, to make the process easier.
Cut the branches of buds off
Trim the buds of the excess sugar leaves (the sugar leaves went to their own process to dry and eventual use in budder, or whatever)
Hang the trimmed branches inside cardboard boxes upside down for a day, somewhere warm but not TOO dry
Get more branches to process, as required until my harvest was complete. (usually all in the same day, as I wasn't a large grower)My grow was 6 plants SCROG every two weeks

Finish trimming/tidying any excess sugar leaves, then cut the buds off, with as little wood as possible (final customers don't like paying for wood)
Put the singular buds on a mesh drying rack spread evenly and thinly.
Check hourly for their condition (that all depends on your ambient conditions
They stay like that until they have started to dry to a certain point, usually overnight
Then I collected them all up and put them into turkey oven bags to bring the moisture out from the inside of the buds.
Twice a day I would open the bags and air them, tossing the buds inside to make sure they all got fresh air, then seal them back up until the next airing
How long that took depended on the strain and how many buds were in the bags, and how dry you wanted the finished product.

If you could bong/vape/joint the product, it's done.

Aussie64 Level 5 Aug 12, 2018

I had a perpetual harvest every 2 weeks and put my fresh cut plants in the top drawer of a filing cabinet and had a 20 watt bulb in the second drawer down . Worked good even in high humidity .

Besalbub Level 7 Aug 12, 2018