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Plants are starting to fill out quite nicely! Anybody else growing this season?

JenBeberstein 8 Sep 17
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I'm sure there are plenty . What you got growing there ?

Besalbub Level 7 Sep 17, 2019

Pineapple Express and Gorilla Glue #4 x Cookies

@JenBeberstein What are the laws concerning out door growing where you are .

@Besalbub my city allows up to 6 mature plants per home.

@JenBeberstein and security measures ?

@Besalbub 9 people live here so the house is never empty, additionally we have 2 huge dogs as our welcoming committee.

@JenBeberstein My nephew lost a whole crop 10,000 watt grow right before it was ready . If I was growing out side I'd be afraid of kids , I guess you've got that figured out .

@Besalbub I had no problems last year and nobody comes over the wall without a loud, angry announcement from the dogs. A couple of years ago, I came over the wall and got a very aggressive dog as my greeting!