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Hey guys. So weed was just legalized in Michigan and I’m going to attempt to start growing. Indoors obviously, because it’s frickin freezing up here. Anyway, I’ve looked at several growing guide books and they keep saying to fertilize but give no suggestions on types of fertilizers. And one said not to use miracle gro, which has typically been my go-to for my outdoor garden. I’m no stranger to gardening, but growing pot and growing anything indoors will be new. I think I have a good idea on the rest of the process except for fertilizers and their recommended schedule. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks! Oh, and I plan on doing soil this first time as I’m used to gardening and hydroponic seems like a different beast altogether. Thanks!

Flexymorals 7 Dec 28
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Miracle Grow is well known for becoming hydrophobic partway through the growing season. Fox Farms makes better soils that don't petrify as quickly.


Try an organic Fert Like Petersons eazy on the nitrogen, add composted coffee grounds and eggshells to your soil, well drained and a 1000w HPS/MH light in a tent.

Corvus Level 6 Dec 30, 2018



Get yourself a grow tent with an LED light, intake fan, exhaust fan, and a hydroponic kit with some Advanced Nutrients PH perfect nutrients and you should be good to go

snifflz Level 7 Dec 28, 2018

That’s the exact opposite of what I asked, but thanks.

@Flexymorals sorry I was high

@snifflz it’s cool. I might try that eventually. I wanna start with what I know first.