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I plan my quarterly drives from Michigan to California and vice versa Around microbrew stops and to meet other crafters. I think... i have a problem. I am not a drinker, but every three months on these road trips... i WILL stop to smell the samplers 😉 (and to taste them as well) hee hee!

Sadoi 7 July 2
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Nice! I live in Michigan and stayed in San Diego for a few days a few years ago and loved the craft beer scene in SD. Had a great time. I'd be surprised if some Michigan people didn't ask you haul some Pliny with you on your trip! LOL


AlPastor Level 6 July 6, 2018

AND I WOULD! hahaha! You know, I Looove ALL of Colorado and Montana for microbrew. Asheville NC is also awesome! Austin, of course, ALL the Pacific NW= Awesome!! I have an aunt who lives in La Jolla, San Diego so I am quite familiar! When in SD i am a common staple at Old Town! hahah