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Last night was my first overnight adventure with casino life. I have so much more to learn about it, and i'm sure too much to say already.

The first beer after settling in was New Belgium Accumulation, White IPA. It was delightful. I'm a fan of skunky beer, but last night, i really wanted something a little mild. I definitely chose right from the choices on draught.

Accumulation had a slight fruity flavor and just a hint of effervescence. I'm not a big fan of the tiny champagne style bubbles in beers, but the carbonation in here is not distracting from the flavors. The fruitiness reminded me of a lush mango sorbet with a pungent citrus note including the flavor of the pith. There is a bitter note at the end, which for me, is the perfect reminder to take another sip so my tongue can decipher and savor the complexity of this brew.


Lillyfield41 7 Jan 19
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