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The very wonderful Turning Point brewery has moved to my town and they have a taproom grand opening this Saturday. Anyone know them?


Rossics13 5 Dec 4
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Never heard of them.

That will probably be because I live in North Yorkshire in England. You will have to take my word that they are excellent. 🙂

@Rossics13 Interesting! Too bad I live far away to try these beer's. I was in Germany beginning of October and I really liked the beer there. Bitinburger was one

@MichelleGar1 There are loads of brilliant beers in the States. I've tried a handful. 😉

@Rossics13 That's true, we have a few breweries here in the city that I live in and some of those beers are really good. I just like trying different beer's, especially from overseas, something different.