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So, where is everyone from and what is your favorite local (local to you) brewery?

I'm from Grand Haven, MI and my favorite local brewery is The Grand Armory. Of all the beers they make, they only have one that I don't like. They brew one with habanero peppers, and it's just too hot to drink. I'm usually not big on wheat beers, or stouts, but theirs is awesome!

ScubaWags 7 May 22
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Simcoe Canada here. I have 5 breweries within a 15 minute drive.
My fave is New Limberg Brewery, mostly Belgian style beers with alcohol content all the way to 11%.
Then there is Blue Elephant, a brewery inside a pub/ Thai restaurant.
Three more out in the country all on former tobacco farms.


Here in Rapid City, SD we have Lost Cabin Brewing and most of their stuff is the usual run of "Hold My Beer, Lemme See How Out Of Balance I Can Get This With Too Many Hops" brewing that is super trendy these days. But they also do a really fine mildly smoked Scotch Ale called "Lord Grizzly" in honor of Hugh Glass (If you saw the movie The Revenant, well that was based on Hugh Glass and his run in with a griz here on the South Dakota prairie).

8.7 ABV
35 IBU
Lower carbonation
Malt bomb



I'm in Cleveland, Ohio and we have several local offerings of note. My favorites breweries are, in no particular order:
Great Lakes (the original remains one of the best)
Sibling Revelry
Nano Brew

Also, if you are a beer tourist, the section of Ohio City along West 25th Street has no fewer than eight breweries in a one-mile stretch which is perfect for an impromptu pub crawl. Two of my favorites (Great Lakes and Nano Brew) are on this crawl.


I like Hooker's here in Connecticut which is named after Col Thomas Hooker. We use to have a hotel here named the Hotel Hooker but it became literal so they changed the name ?, really.

Partyhawk Level 7 July 14, 2018

Bootlegger's here in Fullerton makes some interesting stuff. Black Phoenix chipotle coffee stout is so much better than it sounds.

Nitsujito Level 3 July 9, 2018

I am currently drinking a Founder's Porter from up in MI.

I live about 20 miles from Founders! Along with their beer, they make excellent sandwiches.

Founder's has a wonderful product portfolio. While it's not their best offering, the All Day IPA is truth in advertising... you might want to drink it all day. I want to make this brewery a stop on my next roadie to Michigan.


Virginia. We have a couple of excellent breweries in Norfolk - Smartmouth Brewing and O'Connor Brewing. Both are worth a visit if you find yourself in the area.

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