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To make me place my hand on the Bible when in court is a violation of my rights as an Atheist. Why they don't allow me to place a copy of the Constitution between my hand and the Bible? Gee, when I became a USA Citizen I sworn to protect and defend the US Constitution.

duchessa1 7 Feb 26
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Recently, I was allowed to place a copy of the US Const. on top of the bible before I said "I do".

duchessa1 Level 7 Oct 18, 2023

Yesterday a believer gave me a religious pamphlet. I placed it on the chair and sat very comfortably. The believer yelled profanities at me..which prompted me to say: I was going to use it as TOILET PAPER but is already full of sh..t." Everybody present got a good laugh.

duchessa1 Level 7 Aug 26, 2023

I guess, on account of my last-name (Saint-C...) some people assume I am a believer. Fools.

duchessa1 Level 7 Feb 27, 2023

My understanding is that swearing on a bible or even saying "so help me God" is no longer a requirement. I am present for oaths several times per month, and they just raise their hand and swear what they are about to say is true. No books required, but it's also my understanding that people can choose what they deem to be their sacred book.

Julie808 Level 8 Feb 27, 2023

I hope what you say is the truth.


nobody is going to make you do that, beforehand you simply inform the Clerk you are not religious, then you simple take a non-religious oath to tell the truth. Period.

AnneWimsey Level 9 Feb 26, 2023

Well my friend went to court for a moving violation and she had to place her hand on the bible.


The bible thing is used in media productions and seldom in actual courts. Most states even leave the god part out, Basically "do you swear to tell the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth"

glennlab Level 10 Feb 26, 2023

Not in all instances.


We can choose to affirm.


Can you opt for an affirmation instead of oath? Affirmations drop the god part, though states may vary and the people who administer these things probably expect most people will use the oath instead of affirmation.

Scott321 Level 7 Feb 26, 2023

I agree, atheists need to get more involved in politics and not stand on the sidelines. We still have a lot more awareness in the Western societies. I recently returned from a visit to Asia where they eat, drink, sleep religion and you can lose friends, colleagues and even partners and a job over religion.

St-Sinner Level 9 Feb 26, 2023

Only in Asia? I recently quoted the Pope's words on Raúl Castro and I lost two friends.
Bergoglio's words were "I have a human relationship with Raúl Castro".

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