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My right hand tat. Acquired 4 years ago from a place that no longer exists. I am overdue for more.

SenorRotten 7 Oct 30
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Very lucky your skin holds the ink so well.

Annaleda Level 8 Feb 24, 2020

Thank you! My first tattoo artist told me that as well.

@SenorRotten my pinky flower is 20 years old. A needle poke job by me with good ink. My middle finger areas have been done 3 times, by my artist! The ink just won’t stay in there! 😟

@Annaleda Wow! Mine is now 4 years old and could use a slight touchup. I thought about that when I got it but honestly, it was something I had been wanting for many many years so I just did it.

@SenorRotten I’ve wanted these lines for years. I went and did it last week. Got my lip widened too. I’ll be single for a while more. 😉. But I’m too old to care what others think anymore. I’ve got over fifty pieces.

@Annaleda that's cool! Yeah, I stopped caring about what others think some time ago. It's a liberating thing. I always have the ink bug too. Is the lip piece based on Maori or native American?

Maori (Kirituhi, not Ta Moko) inspired with some Pictish.

I love the Maori’s Ta Moko. The way it tells a story. One glance and people know all about you.

I would like to experience the uhi (Maori carving) or irezumi (Japanese raking).

This is my favorite Maori example. I love the defiance and pride she shows. Beautiful.

@Annaleda yes! That's awesome! I like things that are unexpected in tattoos. Mine are all occult symbols - long story behind that - but suffice to say I just kept up with the theme. My background in the occult/newage/weirdo community accounts for all my ink thus far.


Do you color over it with sharpie?

Tejas Level 6 Jan 17, 2020

Huh? Uh, no. It's just a very solid tat.


nice.....go get more if ya want them

lookinhard Level 7 Oct 30, 2019