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Has anyone done much wiring work on their own guitars? Ive done a bit sporadically with mixed success. Fixed an output jack on a bass, installed new humbuckers on a gibson but had a grounding problem and had a music store fix it. I rewired a 5 way switch in a friend's strat 10 years ago and that worked the first time.

Right now Im fixing up a rare Martin Stinger strat from the 70s. It had some body damage which I filled in with superglue and baking soda until I could sand it smooth and repair the body shape. This worked well, now Ive gotta repaint that area and prime/buff it back to a glossy black I guess. Not as worried about that as long as its no longer a splintering exposed edge.

I also realized I have a wiring problem. I bought 3 new 250k pots, a new switch and a couple feet of insulated wire yesterday and got to work rewiring everything. Im fairly confident I got the wiring diagram right. Ill get pics of it tonight to show you my work vs the diagram if anyone's interested.

I strung a couple strings back up and Im still getting no signal. I did well on the soldering joints I think but I may have to redo the volume pot grounds. Not sure if I just don't have all of em connected directly to the pot n some are just buried in solder, or if that would matter.

The only other peculiarity is I might have to replace the pickups. The bundles of hot wires coming from the pickups are hair thin and very sparse compared to the new wire Ive installed. I would think despite the wire difference in 75 vs today that a guitar signal could travel on either type or both but who knows.

I probably need to go through checking continuity with an ohm meter or take it to a pro to double check, but if anyone is interested in this sort of thing and might be able to help Ill show you a pic of my work when I get home to see if you can spot any mistakes.

Wurlitzer 8 Feb 1
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if you have no sound, (oh you should do the tap test before stringing) it's usually just conductivity, some times toy might have attached a wire to the wrong place. it should not be hard to trace. you are using original pickups?

you should be able to wire it like a strat


Yeah I was tryin to get by with the original pickups for now, I may wind up replacin em if I can't find a problem in my pot and switch wiring. @jasen will do Ill tag yall again tonight when I can open it back up and get some pics.

This is the wiring diagram I was working off of, which shows both sides of the switch contacts being used instead of the one sided wiring of the mojo diagram. Maybe I should try it your way, since it brings up a good point: there is indeed shielding on my pickguard and I think I manually attached a contiguous groundwire to the pots that I don't necessarily need. You would think redundant grounding wouldnt change much but maybe thats my problem. Or a combo of that and the way I did the switch.


I dunno how much you can tell from this distance but I followed that diagram I posted. The pots are turned the opposite way relative to the switch in the diagram but I think I tranlated the positions in my head correctly.

When I opened it back up to get these pics I realized the string ground wire had broken off near the solder joint but reconnecting it didnt solve my issue. Im going to try getting rid of the extra ground wire I have between the pots and redo the switch to match the mojo diagram n see what that does.

Actually on second thought Im not sure the mojotone diagram will work for me; thats for installing a blender pot. Id be down with that if I can use my standard 250k pot but it says you need a custom CTS pot for that? I just have 3 standard 250k pots here, and was using one for vol and the other two for tone.

@Wurlitzer without a big long story about my 43 years as an in-store guitar tech, let me say this.....just last month I had to completely rewire a Fender Jaguar......took a long time, because.....not one, but two wiring diagrams that I was using were WRONG! Look up a few more from Seymour Duncan and DiMarzio.....

@jasen yeah gotta be careful on sources. Another source Im seeing says that the mojotone diagram Pimp posted is called Nashville wiring, a popular option for Tele's and even easier to install on a strat. It says that my 250K pots would work and Id love to try it, but I'd need a 3 way switch instead of 5. Interesting article. []

@jasen I found this schematic on Duncans site n fixed mine to be wired this way, but still no signal. I can't imagine what the issue is now.


@Wurlitzer what I posted is the wiring for a strat with a 5 way switch but instead of 2 tone pot one is a blending pot and it's been a long time but I think it's what Martin did with this kind of guitar.

@Wurlitzer I can't trace wires with the pics you posted can you pull back a bit and get all 3 pickups, and the control all in one pic, separate the wires as best you can please. check the impedance of the pickups too. My eyes are not what they use to be but I will try.

@wrinkledaddypimp yeah it would be hard to tell from any angle, with the way ive tucked the wires in as close to the pickguard as possible theres no separatin em mostly. It's ok, Im confident I've got them wired like the seymour duncan diagram currently. Tomorrow Ill try the blend pot n let you know how it goes.

@Wurlitzer cool beans, good luck

@wrinkledaddypimp Im just pregaming and comparing the mojo diagram to the pots that came out of the guitar. It seems very similar with one exception: the capacitor ground on the master tone in the diagram is installed on the blender pot in the original wiring. It connects the case to the right post and then to the right post of the master tone. Seems like a simple enough difference, ill try it both ways if one doesnt work.

@wrinkledaddypimp @jasen

Holy shit it works! The mojo blender worked, thank fuck. Woohoo 3 days of headaches but well worth it! Thanks so much for the help fellas, this thing sounds MEAN as FUCK! I love the out of phase sounds you can get with the nashville wiring. It's got all the throatpunch and bite of a tele and more. When I told a friend I was fixin a strat he said "how do you fix a strat? gonna make it a tele?" And guess what muthafucka, yeah I did! ?

Now I've just gotta cut a new nut for it (I've got a standard fender nut but it seems I need to cut a few 16ths of an inch off and redo the string knotches or start from a blank) and maybe set the neck a little tighter, it's got too much relief in it right now... Then set my intonation and this thing will be drivin like a caddilac. I could do somethin about the paint eventually but thats the least of my concerns. Might just leave the battlescar there so this thing looks as bad as it sounds ???

@Wurlitzer dude it's a 200 - 300 dollar guitpicker, it ain't supposed to look purrdy. You might have the middle out of phase and that is going to get you that snarling sound. have fun with it buddy. I have a telly with two single humbuckers wired out of phase just to make crazy noise. as well one is a dimarzio and he other is a Duncan and they really don't play well together. I don't play with it much but when I do its a chainsaw on a metal trashcan, but controlled. I would get nuts on that thing and dress it up.

@wrinkledaddypimp true that, this thing sounds incredible. I might cover it all in stickers and spray some kinda primer or sponge some glue over it to seal it lol. I could make it look pretty gnarly.


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