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This is a group where amateur and professional musicians can collaborate on topics like music, lyrics, gear, training, writing, rehearsals, studio and live performance, contacts, contracts, publishing, gigs, travel, (band, orchestra, choir issues), and any other way we can help each other.

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Announcement! Musicians have a new group. This is a group where amateur and professional musicians can collaborate on topics like music, lyrics, gear, training, writing, rehearsals, studio and live performance, contacts, contracts, publishing, ...
kensmile4u 55 comments
I have an audition tomorrow evening! It's bluesy roots rock covers using my electric upright bass, while I'm really looking to play slow, tuned down and fuzzed out original doom metal on my five string. While it's not what I'm specifically looking to...
BassManSpaceMan Feb 4 Feb 4 22 comments
Hello to All! Thank you for receiving me here. A comment: As god is a human word, meaning superior (terrian) being, I would propose to rename this group Godless and Godful Musicians. Good Terra.Essence!
Noemi Feb 3 Feb 3 11 comment
Only music lovers of a certain age will remember thus one. Done in 1963 by the Dixieland jazz group The Village Stompers. I substituted mandolin for the banjo lead mainly because I don't play the banjo. I can almost play the mandolin...lol! ...
TommyNIK Jan 28 Jan 28 00 comments
RIP to an amazing godless musician, one of the greatest drummers ever to pound on the skins, and a damn fine lyricist too... the Professor, Neil Peart. Youtube
BassManSpaceMan Jan 13 Jan 13 11 comment
New to this group. I enjoy home recording as a hobby. I discovered the incredible capabilities available to average people after I retired and began playing guitar again. I just did this version of " Ghost Riders" after updating all my gear. It's...
TommyNIK Jan 10 Jan 10 00 comments
Doing a little more dialing in the settings on all my gear for my 8 string. It's been some work, but I am really getting to like the range of this thing more and more. Youtube
TristanNuvo Dec 30 Dec 30 11 comment
I got a new toy with the Guitar Center card my inlaws gave me! It's an Akai Mini MkII MIDI controller. I'd been wanting one of these for a while and watching youtube videos seeing them as a powerful production tool with the drum pads and responsive ...
BassManSpaceMan Dec 29 Dec 29 11 comment
So after I got my new 8 string guitar. The first thing I found out is that every setting I used for my 6, really doesn't work. So, I've been working a lot on trying to dial in sounds, and tone. The first one, I was just trying to get a real thick ...
TristanNuvo Dec 17 Dec 17 11 comment
Weapons of Mass Percussion
BDair Dec 2 Dec 2 11 comment
I recorded this today on my Ipad while visiting my inlaws. It's a doomy cover of a Donovan song. Hope you enjoy it! [soundcloud.com] doommetal donovan garageband
BassManSpaceMan Nov 29 Nov 29 00 comments
What the music business is really like -
SenorRotten Nov 28 Nov 28 00 comments
Hello. Guitarist/songwriter here. Been at it for a long while now. Anyone else use a DAW? I am looking for something that's better than Cakewalk - which at this point is less annoying than some of the others I have messed with.
SenorRotten Nov 28 Nov 28 22 comments
New bass pix! Original post got deleted because I described it in a more colorful way than was allowed. But anyway... I give you the newest and lowest end member of my musical family, a Sterling by Musicman Stingray 5! It's my first ever 5 string and...
BassManSpaceMan Nov 27 Nov 27 11 comment
Jammin' the Satanic Trance Grooves.
BDair Nov 26 Nov 26 00 comments
Funny how things go sometimes. I'm getting back into playing bass after a fairly long hiatus and for a band to . I've played a lot of different styles over the years, but this time around, I really wanted to try playing metal. Specifically downtuned...
BassManSpaceMan Nov 19 Nov 19 00 comments
Here are some good pro tips from two of the best session guitarists in the U.S. Youtube
kensmile4u Nov 18 Nov 18 00 comments
New to this site. SF East Bay bassist here. I've played a wide range of music styles and I'm currently very interested in playing slow, riffy, tuned down, dark doom metal. I can talk music for days! How's it going in here?
BassManSpaceMan Nov 18 Nov 18 22 comments
Here is an interesting back story about the drum session that changed modern pop music in the 70's. Youtube
kensmile4u Nov 18 Nov 18 00 comments
We probably don't have to worry about "Voodoo Chile" slight return.....
jasen Oct 31 Oct 31 00 comments
So I'm a musician. I have performed a lot in the past and am putting myself back out there. I only perform originals (unless it's karaoke). Broad question here, but how do you folks feel about baritone lead vocals? I am a baritone, and although ...
JeremyMinney Oct 31 Oct 31 22 comments
Here is Rick Beato's 20 greatest guitar leads of all time. It's a good list but I think he left off some great stuff. The video is good for those who want to learn these leads though. Youtube
kensmile4u Oct 14 Oct 14 11 comment
Guitar porn.....laate 50s Kay archtop....
jasen Oct 13 Oct 13 00 comments
"How many people do you think are here?....."
jasen Sep 20 Sep 20 11 comment
Busking A good word that has two slightly different meanings. In the UK it is what street musicians do but it can also mean when you wing it. I recently heard about what an amazing performance Richie Havens did at Woodstock. What happened as he was ...
273kelvin Sep 10 Sep 10 11 comment

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