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I just want to say that my membership in this group has helped me to understand some of the choices I have made in life and some of the difficulties I have faced. I have friends who have advised me to "just go out and meet new people," when they have no understanding of how hard that is for me. It is difficult to escape being lonely when you have a hard time meeting new people. But at least I no longer blame myself for being unable or unwilling to go out into unknown social situations and try to strike up conversations with total strangers. For YEARS I
have thought there was something wrong with me; now I know I am just different, albeit different in a way that is not well understood by the culture I live in. Thank you all for your insights.

citronella 7 Sep 23
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Absolutely. It's hard to be an introvert in an extrovert world.

bleurowz Level 8 Sep 25, 2018

I can relate. I thought there was something wrong with me for years too until I finally came to understand why I was the way I was. You are definitely not alone!

ErikaG Level 5 Sep 23, 2018

I can relate. I know the struggle all too well.


I think there is a misidentification in society, and even in this group, that introversion and social anxiety are synonyms, which they absolutely are not. Case in point: the differences between my mother and myself. She is extremely extroverted and has to talk to people every day, or she isn't herself. She also has social anxiety and has gotten into a funk where she never leaves the house. In short, she's a mess. As for me, I need time alone every day to reset, but I'm competent and easy in company unless I'm put on the spot or unless I don't want to talk to you, in which case I just don't waste the time and energy. So maybe I'm not anxious, I'm just a bitch, who knows. ?

purcascade Level 5 Sep 23, 2018

Yeah I love all those memes about what kind of man you should be with and the long lists of things he should do and be. Uh, if I could find a guy with all these attributes yes i would be . I can't find a guy with none of these attributes! Lol ?

Booklover Level 7 Sep 23, 2018
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