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Do any introverts wonder how to get their point across? I have a landlord/tenant issue. Please help/ask!!

RapidCityKelly 6 Nov 16
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I wonder, how long is the path that has to be cleaned? Is it also for a car? Are you good with a path of 1 ft wide. Such a path is easy enough to dig yourself (unless the snow is 2' thick) and kept open by strewing a little salt.
There are also those iron clamps for under your shoes to prevent you from slipping.
Just a few thoughts.

Gert Level 7 Nov 23, 2018

@RapidCityKelly It was not meant to be funny, but I was thinking if there is maybe a way that you only take responsibility for your own part and for your own convenience, and leave the others do the things they need. It is always so easy if someone takes the job so that others can enjoy the result. And if your landlord doesn't take the responsibility because it is legally not his job to do it, don't blame him/her, forge your own plan to your own benefit.

@RapidCityKelly I wrote an extensive reply, but it's gone. I have no idea how long the driveway to the parking lot is, but if it's not too long, If it's not too long, I would clean just a 1,5 ft wide path, just enough to keep enough grip for your tires at one side of your car and sprinkle some salt to keep it open. Drive very slowly until you're out.
Actually, maybe a landlord has no duty to clean snow, I suppose that he has to offer safely excess to his apartment building. If you have damage to your car or yourself, he still could be responsible and could be sued. Just talk to a law a law-firm what is possible. You might still have options.

@RapidCityKelly You are very welcome. You might also consult a lawyer (mostly the first minutes are free) if the landlord has an obligation to grand safe access to the building. It could solve it all. But if you want a lawsuit, you'd better do it with the others to prevent being kicked out.


Oh, what a cheap landlord. She/he left it unaddressed and now it has become your problem, as the most responsible person. I have had this happen I put out heavy trash despite that I can't handle it because one person in the building is more disabled than me and the other two strong men are not responsible. I am going to put signs that I will not do it anymore as I have taken my turn. I have taken alternate plans to put by trash elsewhere in the experiment to see if they will do something to care for the trash they make. If your landlord is decent you might let her/him know. I know that I am tired of injuring myself because able-bodied people refuse to notice that the driveway and trash needs care.

alanalorie Level 7 Nov 21, 2018

I am going to assume you are the tenant, and you are seeking one or more changes in your apartment/house. Don't get into anything from the past ("You promised me X or Y!" type of thing.) There's no point in dredging up the past. Focus on issues/problems, not feelings. Figure out what you want to have changed, and when you meet with that person, simply say: "There are problems in this apartment that I think need to be fixed. These are: X, Y, and Z. Not being able to do A, B, and C because of these problems is a great inconvenience. Could we set a date for when these will be repaired? Could we do Z first (whatever is top priority)?"

Don't apologize for inconveniencing the landlord. If s/he complains, you can simply say, "I realize doing this is not fun, but it IS part of the landlord's responsibility." Don't go off script by much. If you start talking about other issues, you will get sidetracked from your main objective. Silence makes people uncomfortable. If you state your issues and then quietly wait, it may put enough pressure on him/her that THEY will start talking. Or it may just piss them off. Hard to know without more details.

citronella Level 7 Nov 19, 2018

If anything, introverts can get a point across with minimal verbage. Are you thinking of shy introverts? Or that introverts are unassertive? I don't think that's the case.

wdwyer Level 5 Nov 17, 2018

Are you the landlord or tenant, and what is the issue? I have been a landlord for over 25 yrs

zorialoki Level 8 Nov 16, 2018

@RapidCityKelly Makes perfect sense to me. but they may shovel their snow onto your clean pathway as they are assholes

@RapidCityKelly I am with you on this, either he pay or he can shovel it himself. I am glad I don't have to deal with snow on a regular basis anymore


A 2x4 works, if you can't find a baseball bat

camne Level 7 Nov 16, 2018

I work for my landlord.


yes more details please

AmmaRE007 Level 7 Nov 16, 2018

Are you the land lord or the tenant?

Haemish1 Level 8 Nov 16, 2018

i need to know details

TheDoubter Level 9 Nov 16, 2018
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