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Hello, I'm Lisamarie and am new to the site. I just found out about this platform yesterday after the link was given to me by a Facebook friend on a post I made about wanting to meet new casual friends/possible dates and just want to introduce myself.
I live in San Antonio with my two cats. I work full time in the evenings 5 nights a week and enjoy dining out, hiking, day or overnight trips, coffeehouses, movies, water activities,festivals, zip lining, and exploring.
Nice to "meet" y'all. ☺️

Lisamarie68 5 Feb 11
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Welcome to the group.

SKH78 Level 8 Feb 22, 2019

Hi Lisamarie, welcome to the group
I spent some time at Ft. Sam in the early 70's Really enjoyed the River Walk. It's like a different world down there.

Boxdoc Level 7 Feb 12, 2019

Yeah I love the River Walk and the whole Alamo area down there with the mall and museums. Sometimes I walk down at the Pearl Brewery end, which is really pretty andmore peaceful, especially at night and around Christmas time!

Here are a couple photos.

@Lisamarie68 Jeez, I had forgotten all about Pearl. Drank my share of it down there


We all came for the dates, we stayed for community. I hope you enjoy the site.

Pedrohbds Level 7 Feb 12, 2019

Welcome home!

Bob_60 Level 5 Feb 11, 2019


Squirrel Level 7 Feb 11, 2019

Hi there!

Kynlei Level 8 Feb 11, 2019

Welcome! Hope you enjoy your time here.

dkp93 Level 8 Feb 11, 2019

hi, hope you enjoy this site as much as we do !

Sharkymama Level 6 Feb 11, 2019

Nice to meet you too Lisamarie. Welcome!


Welcome to the future today.

Mokvon Level 8 Feb 11, 2019


Booklover Level 7 Feb 11, 2019

Welcome along,it’s great to have you here!

MarkWolf Level 7 Feb 11, 2019


Lllewis Level 7 Feb 11, 2019

Welcome Lisamarie!

MojoDave Level 9 Feb 11, 2019

Thank you. ?

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