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People like me should have teach high risk teenagers the ins and outs of living successfully off the scraps of the well adjusted world.

Goremmegedon 3 July 27
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Good job TRUTH @HowieHawkins20 @H'20


I don't think you should be let near high risk teenagers, because they need to learn common sense. Your poster has nothing to do with high risk teens.

I think his post has to do with all of Americans, but especially makes a statement about our country for future generations. Those most vulnerable will be hurt the worst by decisions made by our leaders and government over the past 50 years.

@linxminx We need to teach critical thinking skills, not push dogma.

@itsmedammit I've been in education for 30 years. Believe me, we've been teaching critical thinking. There are things in this country which work against certain populations. It's what America's leaders have done to its own people. It's discrimination and racism. It's the dogma that has been pushed in our faces for the last 50 years.

@linxminx I am glad someone is teaching critical thinking skills, but I don't think it is universally considered important.

About the original post - yes, we have a lot of things that need fixing in our country. But going around making sensationalist posts without any substantial information is a big part of what is wrong with the world lately. I would hope that if this is new information to anyone (such as at-risk youth), they would take the time to verify the information for themselves and ask serious questions and not just take the word of an internet ranter.

And to close with an accusation that no one is doing anything is kind of insulting. I dunno, maybe it was a joke for him to post it to the introverts groups, because of our quiet nature. Or perhaps he really thinks introverts don't care about anything.

Finally I have to admit he struck a nerve with the last line. I have to put up with a disturbed brother who thinks Obama is a Muslim and thinks the country is going to be overtaken by Muslims who will install Sharia law. This is just but one of his far out beliefs. But he always tells me I am not doing anything about it.

@itsmedammit I really didn't connect the post and the posting in the Introvert group, so you have a point. You know I was just listening to a podcast the other day about how many robo-postings are occurring on social media sites for the express purpose of creating chaos. It's interesting that this poster hasn't said a word since posting, and makes me wonder if this was a robo-post. We're going to see a lot more of these as we head toward the presidential election.


That's about it...

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