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Hello, group. I'm trying to get a feel for how self proclaimed introverts feel about the label they give themselves. Do you feel bad about being an introvert? I sure as fuck don't...but I'm not antisocial, I just think people are dumb and choose to avoid them. So, I see introversion as a choice I'm in control of. Do folks with social anxiety feel out of control? Thank you in advance for your comments!

ChimRichalds 4 Dec 6
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I too agree that most people are not very intelligent and in the United States, it seems like lots of people revel in their stupidity to the point of wearing willful ignorance as a badge of honor. It is for that reason that I tend to keep to myself. While I love my parents, siblings, and their families, Jesus Henry Christ they are indeed some idiots. So I tend to avoid them as well and they just don't get it why I never join them for Christmas or any other b.s. holiday.


I feel out of control when around people.
I don’t think they’re dumb, just interested in different weird shit than the weird shit I’m interested in.
I wouldn’t know who most current celebrities are if you held up their photo and gave me a multiple choice test.
I hear the name JZ, no idea who that is.
I resent politicians because I barely knew who Trump was except he was big enough in the 80’s for me to despise him then and I saw him for like 30 seconds on the apprentice so I knew to avoid that entire network, but you absolutely have to pay attention to politicians because you should always know who’s raping you.
I never have more than one close friend at any given time, and I avoid overexposure preferring to not see them more than once a week and then not for over an hour at a time.
I feel like an innocent forced to live on a battlefield, honestly if I could go into complete seclusion I would just so long as I can have internet access, I can admire or loath from a vast distance that way.


Funny I never label myself!!!

I am equal opportunity I hate every one until they prove they are not moronic idiots and complete assholes!!!


I think you may be not so much an introvert as a recluse.....a person who lives a solitary life and tends to avoid other people. I don't think my introversion is a label I bestowed upon myself. My life would be easier if I could be comfortable around people but I'm just not made that way. Being around people totally drains my energy.


Agreed! I am under no obligation to engage in mindless chit-chat with the mindless!

davknight Level 8 Dec 14, 2020

I am very introverted. I don't feel shame over this fact; nor do I feel any particular pride over it. Nor, either, do I see it as a choice, exactly.

Social anxiety is a slightly different - though related - state, and it is something that I do work to diminish (sometimes, when I feel like it - I'm not on a crusade or anything.) Before the pandemic, anyway, I was making decent progress with casual conversations in public settings.

Speaking of the pandemic, I wonder how many other introverts have found the whole masking and social distancing thing to be kind of...well, kind of relaxing.

@ChimRichalds The way I understand it, the clearest difference between extroversion and introversion is whether one finds social interaction to be invigorating, or draining. I find it draining, hence the label of introvert.

I don't see where "choice" enters into this, and am puzzled that you describe it thusly.

@ChimRichalds Maybe. There seem to be a lot of different definitions/descriptions.

@ChimRichalds I'm curious. How do YOU define the difference between an introvert and an extrovert

Damn right I find it relaxing, they told me to “social distance” six feet. My thought what’s wrong with my anti-social distancing of fifteen or more feet?

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