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To me this is not a dating site but a community with common beliefs. As an introvert this is my first foray into this type of site and I must say it has it's an education. There is a mixture of all types of personalities from passive delightful members to downright snarky egotists. Is anyone here new to these type of sites who learned a lot more about people than you thought?

PickledRick 8 May 31
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I've only come across one snarky person so far, but I've only been on here for a week. This is the first group I found, and I love it. There is allot of info and things I'm interested in. I am also a part of American Atheists, but I haven't been on that site for years. I should probably check it out....
I'm here for community, because I'm already happily married. Plus I'm old fashion when it comes to meeting people for a relationship...

PeopleSuck Level 4 May 31, 2018

Yeah I imagine India is a little harder to be non religious...


I was on a community site like this once before. It wasn't a dating site. It's nice that they can be used both ways. Here, I have also met a wide variety of people - some delightful (as you say) and the snarky ones as well. Imagine it's like that everywhere.

HeraTera Level 7 May 31, 2018

It is advertised as a dating site. I find it to be far more & enjoy it as the mosquito population outside is threatening to drain me of all my blood.

Mooolah Level 8 May 31, 2018



Diversity of characters as you have described the spectrum is actually what makes this site very interesting to me. Of course that diversity includes the fact that what works for me not necessarily works for someone else, in generic terms

IamNobody Level 8 May 31, 2018

@MARDUK I am saying we all are different.... What did you understand?


I'm new to this site but I would imagine it's like society. The human race is very diverse and people's experience and knowledge vary wildly. When you read statements you aren't really getting a good representation of the person behind it. You don't know their movavations although many times our assumptions are correct they are wrong many others as well. Most of the time we will never know the difference but we tend to assume we are always correct unless proven different. It may sound pretty philosophical but the way you look at it has everything to do with your tolerance for abrasive statements that are often made in order to shock. Many people make statements meant to shock out of frustration with the apathy they see all around them. Some people will have much more invested personally in an argument then others. There are many reasons, almost as unique as the individual, for people to share the things they do. I try remembering that I don't understand all those reasons and take what I need, leave the rest. I can be on either side depending on the subject and the debate.

JesseBoren Level 7 May 31, 2018

Nothing new here. I just try to focus on the nice people that know how to have a debate instead of arrogant arguments.


I'm on a few Facebook groups and I stumbled on to here because I wanted to meet more like-minded people to be friends with... There's a lot of smug, snarky people everywhere to be honest... It's irritating but I've found a few friends (not here yet) so I guess it takes time... Especially if you're a bit shy.

mek7730 Level 7 May 31, 2018

It's not a dating site for a lot of people - more a site where we can relax and chat and argue and make some new friends. It is particularly good for introverts because we can come and go as we want and don't have to keep up a facade. It is easy enough to steer clear of the rather abrasive types, but I think they mainly don't mean any harm.

CeliaVL Level 7 May 31, 2018

I've been on Facebook for years now, I'm new here. I sometimes have to chant to myself...Don't read the comments Don't read the comments....
The level of vitriol and cruelty is amazing to me. But I have also reconnected with old friends and made some new ones.
I think it is particularly difficult to be a non-believer these days. Although we don't get burned at the stake, I am very hesitant to "come out" about it. So I am grateful for this site where I can just relax

Iowaguitar Level 6 May 31, 2018

Your "vitriol and cruelty" comment really resonated with me.
I thought I was the only person who felt that way . This is the first online community I have been part of in quite some time. Most people are great, but there are a few who are sure they know best and that the rest of us just need to get in line.

I enjoy the people here. I do not see vitriol and cruelty. FB is fulla trolls. Folks here are very smart, have a sense of humor and good ethics. I am glad I found this.


@SKH78 I have seen a bit, but nothing even close to the extent of facebook.


I'd kinda like to go out with someone on this site. Maybe in the future...

Hermit Level 7 May 31, 2018
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