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New member here. I just got back from a get together with some members of my improv group. That's right, I'm an introvert in an improv troupe. Anyway, I feel like the odd person out because I suck at small talk. Outside of the troupe I have little in common with any of them, so I feel like talking about what interests me would be selfish. So, I talk very little while the rest of them are contributing and jostling for attention. I'm sure many of you here can relate.

Jlangston70 7 June 2
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Welcome to the group. I can understand that. When I'm with a group of people, my interaction is limited to one liners. When I'm with someone one-on-one in a quiet and more private environment, I'm more conversant. I mentioned in another post that when I see two people who just met each other locked in an animated ongoing conversation at a social gathering I can't help but wonder WTF they are talking about. They just met fer cryin out loud.


An improv group sounds like fun!


I can't take the chit chat. I enjoy substantive dialoge but in a social setting its I,me,my. It's whining & shallow topics. It's spawn or weather. Its aches & pains. I can't abide. Spare me & don't invite me. I'm a no show.

Mooolah Level 8 June 2, 2018

I tend to be a social spectator, even thought I loathe being a spectator in pretty much everything else. In social settings, unless it's online or geared towards one of my specific interests, I tend to speak pretty much only when approached and spoken to. Every once in a while I'll come out of my shell a little bit before retreating back in. I don't have social anxiety; just don't always feel I have anything to add

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