Introverts Unite!

A group for introvert discussions. Feel free to post memes, links, music, anything you like. The only group rule I have is don’t be an ass.

A group for introvert discussions. Feel free to post memes, links, music, anything you like. The only group rule I have is don’t be an ass.

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Introverts Unite!
May 2, 2020May 2020

Posted by FrostyJim
Stuck at home sucks...
Introverts Unite!
Apr 27, 2020Apr 2020

Posted by TheoryNumber3
A big welcome from a socially acceptable distance to new members @barjoe, @jmull, @DPB13, @plf515, @Greggnb, @Theresa_N
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Introverts Unite!
Nov 26, 2019Nov 2019

Posted by Bn4fE5
But at times, I so desperately want to interact with humans. I just don't know how.
Introverts Unite!
Sep 15, 2019Sep 2019

Posted by MojoDave
"Go away fly"..
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Introverts Unite!
Sep 2, 2019Sep 2019

Posted by freethinking123
Hello everyone! I'm new to this group!
Introverts Unite!
Jul 16, 2019Jul 2019

Posted by BoingoOingo42
Trust no one! Maybe?
Shared from General & Hellos
Jun 8, 2019Jun 2019

Posted by flawed_design97
Screw other humans... I HAVE MUSIC!!
Introverts Unite!
Dec 21, 2018Dec 2018

Posted by Annitonn
How I avoid dating lol
Introverts Unite!
Nov 22, 2018Nov 2018

Posted by PrettyInked
Survived Thursday with minimal awkward conversations about religion, politics, gender, and race!
Introverts Unite!
Oct 15, 2018Oct 2018

Posted by tallguy241
Yep.....I need this.
Introverts Unite!
Sep 23, 2018Sep 2018

Posted by citronella
I just want to say that my membership in this group has helped me to understand some of the choices I have made in life and some of the difficulties I have faced. I have friends who have advised me to "just go out and meet new people," when they ...
Introverts Unite!
Sep 21, 2018Sep 2018

Posted by tallguy241
We will overcome....assuming we don't have to talk to anyone!
Introverts Unite!
Aug 14, 2018Aug 2018

Posted by KateZilla
Not afraid to be alone.
Introverts Unite!
Jul 27, 2018Jul 2018

Posted by Lauren
About how I feel as we head into the weekend. :-)
Introverts Unite!
Jul 22, 2018Jul 2018

Posted by Fallingeaf
I'm an introvert and I have social anxiety, but I still like to go to parties or go out to bars and be around people. I went out Friday to see my friend music at a local bar. I knew a lot of the people there but I had a hard time keeping a ...
Introverts Unite!
Jun 8, 2018Jun 2018

Posted by MettaCompassion
Though I have no issue talking to people, I feel much more comfortable being alone. I would never want to be the one who starts anything in that draws attention to me, be it good or bad. Despite this, I don't mind crowds parties, as long as I am able...

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Posted by BBebersteinI need this in my life!

Posted by BBebersteinIt’s ok once and a while, not for long though…

Posted by BBebersteinI would love someone to make calls for me!

Posted by NHjulieI loved the fact that my kids liked to sleep in.

Posted by BBebersteinI said I don’t need rescued!

Posted by BBebersteinSeriously though, I just can't

Posted by BBebersteinI’ve been in a bad place for a while and have ignored this group. I am going to try and do better!

Posted by FrostyJimJust when you thought it was safe to go out again...

Posted by EyesThatSmileMost definitely!

Posted by TheoryNumber3Coffee makes everything better !

Posted by NHjulieOMG. This is so me!

Posted by NHjulieYup. And it's taking longer and longer everyday.

Posted by merit2344Sometimes the view outsids is pretty amazing💜

Posted by FvckY0uThis is about right

Posted by BBebersteinNothing changed for me

Posted by FrostyJimThat is just how I feel...?

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