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I have been corresponding with a very nice Colombian woman for several years. She is almost 50, never been married, has no kids and recently completed a university course there in town planning. I am a decade older. While I have tried to pick up some key Spanish words and phrases I get the impression she still does not know a word of English. When I message her in broken Spanish she sees I'm not grammatical and insists I message in English (and she in Spanish) so we both rely on Google translator. She is devoted to el Dios and belongs to a breakaway of the Catholic church, is compassionate, helpful and practical. This is not strictly a language question, but can anyone in the group familiar with Latin American culture say whether this is typical of Colombians?

Garbonza 6 Jan 18
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I am from South America. If you are talking about Colombian / Peruvian / Brazilian / Bolivian, Paraguayan...people are quite religious -specially the women. Now, if you are talking about Uruguayan/ Chilean, Argentinean people things are very different because the immigration from Europe to these countries. Please, don't generalize since the cultures of all Latin American countries are not one and the also depends on the person's social level and schooling.

DUCHESSA Level 8 Apr 29, 2019

My experience of immigrants in Spain from a number of different South American countries is that the women, in particular tend to have strong religious beliefs - far stronger than the Spanish, includin thing those who say they are catholic. I am not a fan of Google translate - there are far better translating systems available. I would advise you to search around for a better quality app. You will have better conversations!

CeliaVL Level 7 Jan 19, 2019

Good news, I hope. Apparently she belongs to Church of God, which seems to be an English-style fundamentalist type of thing with some speaking in tongues (if you have the gift!) but with affiliation to a political wing (MIRA) and some good social conscience stances against the right wing of Colombia.


So she's Santa Ria?.
Good luck with that..

Charlene Level 9 Jan 18, 2019

Santa Ria? Whazzat?

@Garbonza an off shoot of a combination of Incan, voodoo and Catholicism..

@Charlene Yipes. I think I found it under Santeria in Wikipedia. Wikipedia attributes this a West African origin, which sounds consistent with what you're saying and what I know of the lady, but she seems so modern (and informed) in many ways. They even have conventions in huge halls (that I've seen in photos she's sent me) so hard to believe, but she does have some very strange ways -- like being afraid of cats, and offering to come to my country, be my trial mate, clean my house and be my best friend -- but not wanting to get "emotionally involved"! Thanks for what you've told me, and I'll do more research. In the meantime, I've asked her outright.

@Garbonza like I said, good luck with that..

No, I don't think she practices Santerí if we base ourselves in what he says. She is religious...yes...but not Santera.

@DUCHESSA That's right, she's more like an offshoot of Church of England, allied with the socially-conscious political MIRA movement. She wants to come and stay with me (preferably with a female friend), work for her keep, wants to be my best friend and clean for me, but does not want to get "emotionally involved". This to me sounds very, very old-time British, very, very devout, and very very impractical.

@Garbonza Any person who believes ...eegardless of the religion / not good. Period.

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