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This group is for anyone with an interest in languages. Feel free to post and converse in or about any language you like, and to post links to articles about language or to interesting reading material that you think might suit learners of languages who want to move beyond the textbooks.

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LINK Old Forgotten English Words That Need A Comeback
Jetty Jan 25 Jan 25 22 comments
A Language Mystery Tonight I heard the words " Curtsey promenade" in a song by Sixto Rodriguez. Before today, I have only heard "Streamline promenade" in an old Van Morrison song ( Moonshine Whiskey) What does that mean? A promenade is a ...
Spinliesel Dec 8 Dec 8 22 comments
If you're interested in Piraha, there's a good article about it here: []
David_Cooper Oct 28 Oct 28 00 comments
大家好!我叫Ashley。 吃饭了吗?我学了中文六个月. (Hello everyone! My name is Ashley. How are you? I have been studying Mandarin for 6 months now) 🦊
Relaseri Aug 27 Aug 27 22 comments
In English we say "I am hungry" ... in Spanish "I have hunger" ... in some African languages "Hunger is killing me." Interesting how culture impact how we express our needs.
SKH78 Aug 7 Aug 7 44 comments
I wish I had grown up bi-lingual. I think it is a privilege. I often begged my father to teach me his native language, but he refused, telling me that my brain was only big enough to learn English. Growing up bi-lingual improves brain development....
SKH78 Aug 4 Aug 4 1010 comments
The BBC's World Service (radio) has begun a four part series about polyglots/superlinguists: [] - hopefully this is playable from anywhere in the world. There's an interesting bit in this first part about the brain using less space for a ...
David_Cooper July 4 Jul 4 11 comment
After ten years enjoying the life of a retiree, I was asked to tutor -local library-for a group of seniors learning Spanish. I loved to be a Prof. of Spanish then and I am loving it much as I do the eagerness to learn shown by the ...
DUCHESSA May 13 May 13 22 comments
I recently began taking lessons in Italian. Being a speaker of Spanish this language comes very easy to me. I took two semesters in college and I remember most of what I learned. Now, in order to become a lot more fluent I need to practice -at ...
DUCHESSA Apr 30 Apr 30 11 comment
I frequently see the word 'gonna' being used, both on this site and elsewhere. Has it now been accepted as a genuine word in the English language (USA usage), does anyone know? Would one now find it in a standard dictionary? 'Imma' also occurs ...
CeliaVL Apr 26 Apr 26 99 comments
I've often seen these in English, but doubtless the rest of the world does them too.
David_Cooper Apr 24 Apr 24 44 comments
I wonder if anybody would be interested in a group for those who speak French. Partir un groupe pour les francophones, ça vaudrait le coup?
QuidamOutrepont Mar 15 Mar 15 33 comments
Shrödinger's cat
David_Cooper Mar 15 Mar 15 11 comment
Anyone speaking Russian, can read Cyrillic?
Pantalaimon Feb 18 Feb 18 33 comments
I've made it to a 30-day streak of studying Spanish on duolingo. That was mostly at a 50 points per day goal, which duolingo labels as "insane." I think I'm going to dial it down though, probably to the "serious" 30 points per day goal. I'm ...
bingst Jan 29 Jan 29 11 comment
I wonder what the ideal language course would be like. One of the things I'd certainly like to see is a course built around lots of little poems of the highest quality (or the most inspiring verses from longer poems). It would be easy to find the ...
David_Cooper Jan 22 Jan 22 11 comment
After 51 skills, I finally got to the first skill focusing on some past tense verbs (Part 3, Memories). I've been wanting to get to past tense for a while. I thought it would come later, so I'm a bit relieved and excited. :P
bingst Jan 22 Jan 22 11 comment
I just got to a 22-day streak at duolingo, most of which has been with a goal of 50 XP per day (the highest they have, and they call it "insane"). Crown level 68 in Spanish. The way duilingo is setup, 50 XP amounts to 5 lessons, in most cases. I ...
bingst Jan 21 Jan 21 22 comments
I have been corresponding with a very nice Colombian woman for several years. She is almost 50, never been married, has no kids and recently completed a university course there in town planning. I am a decade older. While I have tried to pick up some...
Garbonza Jan 18 Jan 18 33 comments
Anybody else using Duolingo to study another language? Estoy estudiando español.
misternatureboy Jan 18 Jan 18 66 comments
Welcome to everyone who's joined recently. We've reached 50 members now, but there's still not enough happening here to guarantee survival of the group. Groups are automatically deleted from this site if nothing happens on them for two months, and I ...
David_Cooper Jan 18 Jan 18 00 comments
Learning Chinese from scratch and traveling there in a month for a year - any advice or resources?
Lydiaeli Nov 10 Nov 10 55 comments
Just read a fascinating article on the origins of language. I couldn't post it here but it's on the site United Humanists. The picture was attached to the article but doesn't show everything. Still very thought provoking
EquusDance Oct 29 Oct 29 11 comment
What’s your favorite word that has no English equivalent?
DoublePlusDanny Sep 25 Sep 25 99 comments
You may learn too many different languages and it enterance to the new worlds but your brain has been shaped based on the first language. Forget about common exceptionals, your fortune influenced by mother tongue language.
Sadik Sep 10 Sep 10 11 comment

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