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This group is for anyone with an interest in languages. Feel free to post and converse in or about any language you like, and to post links to articles about language or to interesting reading material that you think might suit learners of languages who want to move beyond the textbooks.

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大家好!我叫Ashley。 吃饭了吗?我学了中文六个月. (Hello everyone! My name is Ashley. How are you? I have been studying Mandarin for 6 months now) 🦊

Relaseri 3 Aug 27
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Hi, and welcome to the group. You appear to be progressing well. I haven't got so far with Chinese as to try writing/typing it. How do you produce Chinese characters? Do you type in pinyin and select from a list of possible characters if the software isn't sure, or is it more complex than that?

I use pinyin on the keyboard of my phone and select the appropriate character. It is a Chinese keyboard I use from the settings. So it pops up with what you most likely mean.


Google translates it a bit differently: Hello everyone! My name is Ashley. have you eaten? I have studied Chinese for six months. 😛

bingst Level 8 Aug 27, 2019

And yes, roast beef on sourdough sandwich. 😛

@bingst I've learned that "have you eaten" is a common native greeting around meal times. Not really asking if you've eaten but more asking about your general well-being.

If i may please.. your answer should be “ i am great. Thank you. How’s everything with you?”