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I'd LIKE to try it. I'd need to find a party or group gathering. It'd be nice if I could play the voyeur and, with SOME covering at first, ease into it. It seems the people themselves would be fascinating: how they interact, what if anything they talk about, how they got started the sexual game, what kind of pairings, personalities, what they looked like...not that appearance would matter much.
There being no pressure, I"d also be curious to see how I'd react: would be get aroused? Who would I gravitate toward? What would I end up doing? Would I enjoy myself?
If anyone would like to enlighten me about any of this, please do! I'm all ears.

Storm1752 8 Mar 15
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I think that in your case it is very important to choose the proper party. Maybe you want to try a public party in a swingers club first.
If you wish, visit the West Palm Beach area and I can take you to a private party. I don't guarantee that I'll have sex with you but I'll introduce you to the lifestyle.

zesty Level 7 Mar 27, 2019

Really? Thank you! I'll definitely think about it. tHIS is out of nowhere...have you been reading my posts? If yes, you liked them. That's nice.I'm very sincere in saying I admire you. I'm ATTEACTED to you, of course. You're very attractive. Why wouldn't I be? But I admire you too, as a 'feminist,' without putting too fine a point on it, in a "counterculture." of sorts.You do what you want. I appreciate that. We got off on the wrong foot. I'm insecure when I first talk to someone. I was intimidated. Sex? Not a thing. Irrelevant. But now I'm thinking about it. If I said otherwise you'd know I was lying; I don't lie. Much. You must know I'm impressed by you and I hope we're on friendly terms. Even though I'm still intimidated!
Anyway, It's been a lot of fun writing the "essays;" . Having a place to do it has been an unexpected pleasure. Liberating.
I was also surprised this isn't a "dating site." Please. POF is a dating site. At first I thought, "I might not get any dates but that's okay. I don't date! At least I'll learn something." Don't get me wrong! Sex is to be welcome! Not "dates." One day she's just there. Like magic. A sex party? Not a date.
Thanks again. I'm looking forward to it. Let me know.


Best chance is to get a partner. If you don’t it’s rare to get into a group. Single guys are rarely invited

FIREmedic Level 7 Mar 15, 2019

Thanks! Good advice!

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