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Mr. B Natural

AlasBabylon 8 Apr 13
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Mr. B Natural your so hot! Lol

🙂 and the little song at the beginning -- "and the white race will salute you/as you crap and gad about!"

@MST3K I have this on VHS! How I miss it! Thanks for posting, so funny! I miss this show!

@MichelleGar1 It's still one of my all-time favorites.

@MST3K My son and I would watch this show every Sunday morning, we loved it and still talk about it

@MichelleGar1 It was a great show, with lots of clever quips and jabs 🙂 I was hooked on it back in the 90's, and probably bored some of my friends at times talking and enthusing about it so often 🙂

@MST3K It was very funny! That's what we loved about it, everything you mentioned. I missed it when they showed at the movie theater a couple of years back.