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This is a support group for parents who have raised teens, are raising teens or tweens, or anyone who has kids and is curious about what to expect. The good, bad, funny, sweet, heartwarming, heartbreaking, things we get to experience with the hormonal little versions of ourselves we are raising. Dang, that's a lot. Let's all be respectful to each other and realize we are all going through the same thing.

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Hello everyone, just wanted to say hi. I am a single mother of a 16 year old boy, a 12 year old girl, and a 10 year old boy.
LisaL81 May 13 May 13 11 comment
I need some ideas. My daughter () has confidence issues possibly tied to her Mom dying cancer. She is very intelligent (she has her Mom's brains), in maths she is in the top 7% in the (proud Dad moment). She is beautiful (she has her Mom's looks), ...
NoIdea Feb 27 Feb 27 11 comment
Is only child syndrome real? I often worry about my son because he is an only child. I have people ask me if he's my only one. When I tell them yes they say its obvious. What TF does that mean? He's not spoiled and has manners and is respectful. My ...
helionoftroy Jan 25 Jan 25 11 comment
I found out yesterday my son, with a group of his friends, stole condoms to use as a practical joke. I know I taught him better. I know he thinks of the consequences or at least I hope he does. He is going along with the group and that bothers me. I ...
helionoftroy Oct 7 Oct 7 00 comments
Since my son is now working, I opened a checking and savings account for him. With his money of course. It’s set up where he can’t be over drawn. If the money ain’t there he ain’t getting it. I do have control over the account but all ...
helionoftroy Sep 9 Sep 9 00 comments
15 year old daughter 13 year old son 11 year old daughter I haven’t broken the news to them yet that mama no longer believes in organized religion or the god of the Bible. It’s going to be a long hard road ahead but I’m so excited to ...
CoCoCatina Sep 1 Sep 1 11 comment
And after being in the mall for hours and trying on tons of cute homecoming dresses… my daughter falls in love with a cocktail dress. Tight, low cut, 25 yr old going to a cocktail party or the playboy mansion, dress … I was tired, it was only ...
BeccaVa Sep 1 Sep 1 22 comments
Anyone else getting ready for homecoming?
BeccaVa Aug 31 Aug 31 11 comment
My favorite songs is bohemian rhapsody and last night when I was picking my son up from work it came on the radio. We both started singing along. It reminded me of his 14th birthday when I had a van full of kids headed to Frankie's Fun Park singing ...
helionoftroy Aug 29 Aug 29 00 comments
My oldest is 11, so technically not a teenager yet, but she thinks she is 25 so I think it counts.
Iam4MY Aug 26 Aug 26 22 comments

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