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Thank to @Robecology for introducing me to this which may well go up on my profile. Youtube
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FrayedBear 9 Australia Apr 17 Apr 17 00 comments
Welcome @EricTrommeter, Welcome to the first "Passions Group" member. Perhaps you would like to make a post sharing with everyone what passions you wish to share and enjoy with like minded people. I'm not sure if the system will work to it yet but listing them...
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FrayedBear 9 Australia Feb 10, 2018 Feb 10, 2018 6464 comments
Despite the following video having been up on YouTube for the last few years only 42,000 of the 19 million subscribers to the TEDX Channel have bothered to watch it. The subject matter results in more deaths in the US than both AIDS and Breast Cancer...
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FrayedBear 9 Australia July 8 Jul 8 00 comments
Anyone interested in joining a singer/songwriter group? It would be a place to share your songs, and possibly collaborate with others. Join at "Singer/Songwriters Group"
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mcgeo52 8 CA June 10 Jun 10 11 comment
In the pursuit of pleasure I travelled more than 200 kilometres hoping to see an exhibition of working horses. For my $10 I saw about 3 Clydesdales and a bunch of about 6 rough looking ponies. It was bitterly cold and there was a distinct lack of eye...
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FrayedBear 9 Australia June 10 Jun 10 00 comments
POLL Following discussion with a member located only about 600 kilometres away a list of words was compiled to describe those poor folk who believe in a Judeo-Christian God. The thought then arose as to what is the favourite derogatory expression used by ...
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FrayedBear 9 Australia Apr 18 Apr 18 11 comment
Highlighting several of my "Passions Group" 's is this post: []
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FrayedBear 9 Australia Apr 13 Apr 13 00 comments
I have just been asked if there is an expression or word to describe this pig's testicles like the rocky mountain oysters expression used for bull's testicles. Not being American I did not know of the mountain oysters and was taught to call a spade a...
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FrayedBear 9 Australia Apr 7 Apr 7 00 comments
A long poem - Basil Bunting's "Briggflatts" Notes: [] An excerpt of the poet reading his poem: Youtube Review: [] Many thanks to @Marionville for having alerted me to this work.
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FrayedBear 9 Australia Mar 31 Mar 31 11 comment
A task worthy of insomniacs - it may send you sleep! I have just used the following link as a reply someone. On more closely reading the lyric I discover that it is not exactly the same as the poem that I know and have performed from the book of ...
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FrayedBear 9 Australia Feb 17 Feb 17 22 comments
There used to be a comedy programme on BBC radio 60 years ago called "the Navy Lark". One much repeated joke was phoning Naval Intelligence to have a chap there answer the phone in a dullard's voice "Hello, this is intelligen​ce speaking!" We ...
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FrayedBear 9 Australia Dec 8, 2018 Dec 8, 2018 22 comments
Something interesting from a year ago and hopefully a 290 million-year-old footprint in Mexico. Youtube
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FrayedBear 9 Australia Oct 16, 2018 Oct 16, 2018 22 comments
Hi, I'm new to this site but still wanted to share some of my many passions: I create art, write a food blog (if I have time), teach art and cooking etc. Here is one of my watercolor pieces and a food shot of a delicious Georgian dish.
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ClassAct 4 TX Oct 10, 2018 Oct 10, 2018 33 comments
A 34-year-old video giving the state of play for Australian performers before the popularisation of digital MP3's, CDs and DVDs. Youtube
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FrayedBear 9 Australia Oct 7, 2018 Oct 7, 2018 11 comment
Tonight for the first time I watched from a DVD The Royal Ballet's performance of the Tales from Beatrix Potter. The music was written in 1971 by John Lanchberry, this performance choreographed by Frederick Ashton and the whole production directed by...
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FrayedBear 9 Australia Sep 20, 2018 Sep 20, 2018 11 comment
Courtesy "Passions Group" Mr Les Barker from Manchester England discusses his beliefs regarding deja vu ...women are advised to make sure that you are wearing your incontinence pants when watching - there was one in the front row had to be removed before she ...
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FrayedBear 9 Australia Sep 10, 2018 Sep 10, 2018 11 comment
My latest blanket (and baby hat).
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Marcie1974 8 MN Aug 27, 2018 Aug 27, 2018 33 comments
A friend has just sent me this poem by a dead Australian poet. It is a type of poem that my uncouth untutored mind does not go looking for and rarely takes the trouble to try to understand. I am assured that the poem has great significance to myself....
Also posted in Philosophy & Meaning
FrayedBear 9 Australia Aug 18, 2018 Aug 18, 2018 11 comment
This brought tears to my eyes whilst having my morning O.J. a short while ago - G. Dinicu's Hora and the Lark performed by Antal Szalai's Gypsy Band. The whole band is smashing but in particular listen for the pan pipes and Szalai's fiddling. ...
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FrayedBear 9 Australia Aug 11, 2018 Aug 11, 2018 00 comments
Well. I do you have a passion for laughter and with that being said what is one of your favorite TV series of Comedy. Mine? Is Seinfeld. I can never get enough of seeing the series over and over again and laugh like it's the first time. And the whole...
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HardBlues69 7 IL Aug 5, 2018 Aug 5, 2018 33 comments
Glad to be a member in this group. As I'm loaded with passion. Cannot wait to see.
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HardBlues69 7 IL Aug 5, 2018 Aug 5, 2018 11 comment
I'm really interested and fascinated by Serialkillers. Truecrime etc. Anyone else? Cases that you're particularly obsessed with?
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Pantalaimon 5 Korea July 22, 2018 Jul 22, 2018 11 comment
Back in 2012 I encountered the woman who made these masks and puppets. She still does and if anyone wants any let me know and I will forward her contact details to you.
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FrayedBear 9 Australia July 12, 2018 Jul 12, 2018 00 comments
Hello, I'm fairly new but loving it here and like what I see in this group! I'm passionate about all things creative, music, nature, books etc. etc. Looking forward to sharing !
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sherylynn 5 TX July 2, 2018 Jul 2, 2018 11 comment
Will you read my blog? []
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Melbates 7 TX June 24, 2018 Jun 24, 2018 00 comments

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