A group for all who have a passion that they wish to share with other members around the world. Please note that there are now hundreds of groups available. That however does not prevent items being posted there and then shared here to keep "Passions" members current with what is available.

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Hello all.. When it comes to being passionate about something, I give it my all and then some if I feel very deeply about whatever it is. A few of my passion are muscle cars.. music, art, camping, flowers, & yoga. I used to be into photography but it's such an expensive hobby and since technology pretty much took over, that passion has withered a bit although I still enjoy it.

mistymoon77 9 Feb 19
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@mistymoon thank you for letting us know. I hope that you will use existing or create new hash tags and make posts to the group under specific hashtags. That way you will discover who has the same passions in order to join you to ultimately form your own group.#hashtags

FrayedBear Level 9 Feb 20, 2018

Where are we to put these hashtags at? I am a bit confused here.. so list them somewhere under this group?

@mistymoon77 have a look at a post I did recently:
To create new hash tags I had to use the clumsy method of making a general posting that I just keep adding new hash tags to. I don't know if @Admin has a more elegant solution yet.

@FrayedBear I do have a camping group on here already created.. so maybe go back on that and ad some hashtags?

@mistymoon77 I think, because I haven't done a post for a few days, but think that after a few days you cannot change your posts apart from delete them. Otherwise I would just keep adding to the "welcome new members" post rather than putting people in replies to the comment. In a camping group I would think that people would want to read all the "Grand Canyon" posts and have them readily available rather than having to scour through months or even years of postings. Have a look at []

@FrayedBear @mistymoon Ah, there was a bug in how keywords were saved in groups. It's fixed now. Simply click "Edit" group and enter keywords.

@mistymoon77 in case you didn't pick up Administration's reply above.


My Chevrolet Avalanche has some muscle

That would fall under a different category of muscle but that's cool.

@mistymoon77 there - you have had the first come forward!

@mistymoon77 I drive my monsters like a jockey rides Thoroughbreds

@mistymoon77 ever drive a 15 speed Freightliner bobtail ? I loved my Chevrolet Cheyenne 2500 Club Cab destroyed by an ILLEGAL ALIEN DRUNK DRIVER JANUARY 11TH