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A passion of mine for much of my life has been folk music. One Australian performer and songwriter who has impressed me since the 1990’s has been John Warner. I have in the last decade lost touch with him but in response to a post elsewhere I went looking for one of his suites that he wrote and recorded. I was delighted to find that Yarri of Wiradjuri can still be bought. It was one of many of John's that my daughter enjoyed and only last year reminded me of when she told me that her neighbouring town of Gundagai, famous for the dog that shat in the tuckerbox there, had, years after recognising the dog with a statue, had finally got round to recognising Yarri and Jacky Jacky with a bronze statue. In. 1852 they saved a third of the town's population from drowning. You can read about John Warner and the Yarri suite together with much more at the following website:

By FrayedBear9
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Great. Thank you.

Noemi Level 7 May 17, 2018