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And sadly these are the people I'm related to...I mean really??

Meme0309 5 Aug 18
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Why wait?

Commit your own crimes against humanity, others, friends, and animals!!!

You will be exonerated by your mysterious mystic god(s), lords, or wealthy benefactors and their corporations!!!


Ha! It worked for me. It stopped raining so now I can ride my bike. Isn’t god great! ?

Markus Level 7 Aug 25, 2018

Instead of sharing this, can I just slide into God's DMs? That just seems a lot quicker and more efficient.


shit ... why does it take her so long?


God, the magic panacea, wish granter, and effortless problem resolver.

These are probably also the damn fools who repost and forward the ones saying some big company or rich person will donate money every time someone shares some stupid post.

icolan Level 7 Aug 18, 2018

I do feel for you. . Glad you are here.

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