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What does it take to get a theist to listen and not think I'm being disrespectful?

Rock1 4 Dec 18
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Can always try the "Street Epistemology" route. Check out the site on YT for examples, & I recommend "A Manual for Creating Atheists" by Peter Boghossian.

phxbillcee Level 10 Dec 18, 2018

Once had a long series of debates with a "Kill the gays because god hates homosexuals because they are un-natural" Catholic. This lasted dozens of hours over many weeks (YMCA men's health center) Usually he would bombard me with a laundry list of nonsense that I happily destroyed. Near the end of our debating I completely changed my tactics and decided to kill him with kindness. I (brown nose) recognized every one of his points that could be stretched to pay him a complement. After that encounter he promised to consider all I had been telling him. The next day I did not talk to him. I found him in the corner of the stairway into the health center. He was clearly disturbed and had assumed the fetal position. - - looked like a scene from a movie featuring an insane asylum. After that he quit coming to the Y for more then a decade.

That's a very interesting method. I think I must try this. I have always gone in quite hard but also at the same time trying to respect and consider their point of view.

I will try your way.

@Rock1 This is not my usual line of offensive. I usually, with a smile and kind voice, demonstrate with examples how absolutely ridiculous their faith (belief without evidence) based assertions are. It is not uncommon to have them literally run away.

@TheTruthIsTrue Please, take this opportunity to show a testable, falsifiable, repeatable fact based demonstration for the existence of a god. You know, reliable evidence. The best apologists out there spend most of their resources attempting to put together word salad to define a god into existence. I am asking for evidence.

@TheTruthIsTrue Yes,


I don't care.

Sometimes it can be difficult when it's the family you are trying to educate.

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