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Had anyone else seen this one ?

Wildgreens 7 June 4
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Who actually cares???

Me, myself, and I !

It is you who knows what you believe, it is no one else’s matter!!!


Agnostic, unbelieving, nullifidian (having no faith or religious belief) who would like nothing more than to see the death of all organized religions.


I don’t believe there is a god, and until one shows up, I’m sticking to my claim that there is no god. Too much shit is wrong with this world. Even in the slightest chance that there is one and it shows itself, I’m not worshipping anything that allows all this to happen.


"Skepticism is my Nature, Freethought is my Methodology, Agnosticism is my Conclusion, Atheism is my Opinion & Humanism is my Motivation."
Jerry DeWitt

phxbillcee Level 9 June 28, 2018

Great quote! Love it!


That chart is not complete. Some of us don't fit to any quadrant. It could be very simple to add a circle at the intersection to add the 5th category for the people who "Don't care about any option"

IamNobody Level 8 June 4, 2018

I have a friend who considers himself an "apatheist" as in he does not care about theism one way or another.

While that's an interesting perspective it doesn't really negate the chart above. It is just another piece of information, you could be an apathetic agnostic atheist like my friend, or an apathetic agnostic theist who believes there's a god but doesent really care if it turns out there isn't or a concerned Gnostic theist who believes there is a god, claims to know there is a god, and cares a lot about the existence of god.

I know your trying to make the dichotomy brought up by the chart seem invalid, but having or lacking knowledge and having or lacking belief are dichotomies regardless of how you feel about your belief or knowledge.

If you don't care to self analyze or feel you haven't been influenced one way or another in regards to belief or knowledge just remember the default is not knowing and not believing so if you truly don't care than you probably are an agnostic atheist.

@DrSmart I wouldn't say invalid... I say it is incomplete

@IamNobody well the reasoning for the chart is to clarify the difference between gnosticism and theism, for that purpose it is complete adding how you feel about theism is just adding unnecessary information.

@DrSmart help me here, if there are people who don't fit into any of those 4 categories, how is this adding unnecessary information? It seems to me there is a need for it.

@IamNobody so you neither don't believe and believe in god the same time? Or you neither know of his existence nor don't know of his existence?

Your original comment implied you simply didn't care, which really tells us nothing of your knowledge or beliefs, if the point is that lack of caring = lack of knowledge or lack of belief then you would still be agnostic and/or atheist by default.

@DrSmart ok, call me anything you want just don't call me late for supper. You think I am agnostic then I am, you think I am atheist then I am, you think I am both then I am. I still say I am none of the above. Those four are all possible possibilities. Anyhow, we have spent long enough going in circles here, so let me break the circle... Your chart is fine.... Better?

@IamNobody no need to be aggressive, and I didn't say you were for sure agnostic or atheist you could be a gnostic theist. Its not my chart either btw.

Point being that your feelings don't make you immune to the rules of logic. If you don't care wether you believe or not, or don't care wether you know or not than fine, you are free to feel that way, but don't expect every chart to have an extra option that says "unless you emotionally don't identify with the 2 options."

@DrSmart oh buddy buddy.. we could do this all day. I tried to break the circle and you just had to glue it back again.....here it is, one more time, the chart is fine, put me on any quadrant. I'll tell you what, lets flip a coin twice. First time to choose up or down, next to pick left or right...fair enough or will you come back again?


Sorry its just the arrogant attitude in which you are acting makes it hard not to respond.

And why are you flipping to answer yes or no questions?

@DrSmart what was the yes/no question again?

@IamNobody sorry for the late reply forgot about this site.

The question that determines if you are theist or atheist is "do you believe in a god or gods?

If you find yourself thinking of at least one god as existing. You do believe in a god or gods and your answer is yes.

If ANYTHING ELSE including not thinking about god or gods or their existence or thinking they don't exist or thinking you don't know but you choose to live your life as if they don't because you don't want to jump to conclusions then you don't believe in a god or gods and your answer is no.

As for Gnosticism the question is do you know of the existence or non existence of a god or gods.

If you have concrete reason to not only believe but be 100% sure that a god or gods exist or don't exist than your answer is yes

If ANYTHING ELSE than your answer is no.

I would add the category for if you care wether a god exists or not, but honestly nobody cares!

@DrSmart Gee dude, I don't even remember what the discussion was all about..... 🙂


Agnostic anti theist


I'm agnostic because of what I know, or don't know in this case. I can't prove there is no doG.
I'm atheist because of what I believe, or don't believe in this case. I don't believe there is a doG. I’m also dyslexic and used to stay awake late at night wondering if there really was a doG. 🙂

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