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Proceed with caution?!

Up at 3am to go watch the Perseids. Did it yesterday as well, lovely.
Well, it's too cloudy.

Fine, I'll put the coffee on and watch Handmaid's.
Damn it all! Today is not Wednesday.

Plan C. Put on my walking shoes to do my 4 mile.
Starts raining.
Damn it! I have a project sitting out back that shouldn't get wet! To big to move by myself. Sadness.

Plan 4. Job search mode, check inbox.
2 'We're sorry" emails.

Fine, I'll pour a second cup and...coffeemaker turned off. Where did 2 hours go?!

Later today I have a pet visit. A black lab name of 'Lucky'.
I shit you not.

AmiSue 8 Aug 13
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Rub that dog! 👍

RavenCT Level 9 Aug 14, 2019

@AmiSue Fingers crossed! You are deserving of better times!


You need to toss out the horseshoes, Leprechauns, 4 leaf clovers.......they ain't helpin'...


Us giant men have great muscles for that big task to move....When you get your new job, you'll have time and money to finish your plans with helpers

@AmiSue I was still growing taller @ 21 ....topped out 6'5" @ 22....we grow during sleep....good mom to have son up later for breakfast....are the Perseids faster than 1/2 every 5 minutes ?