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Now I have a question for you experts: What in the world is Mogen David wine./ it is truly the most deplorable thing I have ever tasted. No, I take that back. Ouzo was the most terrible, but that is not wine. GI's used to buy it in the ...
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Spinliesel 8 NY July 20 Jul 20 44 comments
My favorite wine is anything made by Dr. Konstantin Frank, from the Finger L:akes region of new York and my neighborhood to the south of me. I onl became a wine drinker when I matured ( got old) and i still prefer Rhein and Mosel whites, but last ...
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Spinliesel 8 NY July 20 Jul 20 22 comments
I enjoy sharing information and learning about wine. I also make my own fruit and berry wines at home. I always dreamed of growing my own wine grapes but that is just not possible up here in Alaska so I am fortunate that berries do very well here - ...
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FrostyJim 7 AK June 28 Jun 28 22 comments
Thought I would join this group since I am a lover of wine and we have a plethora of wineries around this region. I am looking for a really good sweet wine. Just curious what you like for sweet wines out there.
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mistymoon77 9 MN May 1 May 1 00 comments
Well, tonight I'm sitting at home, alone, drinking a very affordable Zin from a local vintner (but I bet all US-based group members can find it in your areas) called 7 Deadly Zins and watching my favorite "wine movie," Bottle Shock. I'm in ...
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IAMGROOT 7 CA Feb 28 Feb 28 33 comments
One of my greatest pleasures is winemaking with friends. Been doing it since 2001, a few hundred bottles a year. But despite all that slow (yet drunken, plus occasionally baked) learning, you have to love the process to like our wine, which can run ...
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josh_karpf 7 NY Dec 26, 2018 Dec 26, 2018 22 comments
I am not a big wine drinker, but I like Gerwurtztraminer, the less sweet varieties. It pairs well with pork, bacon, shrimp, crab and asian and spicy dishes. Hot wings? Yeah, beer, but if you have an non-beer drinker that likes wine, it is a good ...
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GuyKeith 8 CO Dec 25, 2018 Dec 25, 2018 22 comments
What's your favorite wine? (and why)
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Orbit 7 NM Dec 17, 2018 Dec 17, 2018 66 comments
Last night we had a bottle of Clos Des Lunes Lune D'argent, with some cheese and crackers. Ideally, I'd like to describe it in real wine snob terms (notes of shoe leather and ennui; clean finish; drink now through 2021) but lacking the talent I'll ...
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lovemuffin 4 NM Dec 14, 2018 Dec 14, 2018 22 comments
Great wine alert! This year's Louis Roederer Estates NV Brut champagne is a really good value at around $25/bottle. It's worth the extra 10 bucks if you're used to spending more like 10-15. It's got a wonderful, light apple taste on the finish. I got...
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Orbit 7 NM Dec 12, 2018 Dec 12, 2018 11 comment
What I know about wine wouldn't fill a thimble so I'm here to learn. I like white zin and always have. I've tried it in a pretty wide range of prices and I always come back to Turning Leaf.
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ProudMary 8 WV Dec 11, 2018 Dec 11, 2018 33 comments


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