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For people who want to talk about their favorite reads, their current reads and for those who need or want to give book recommendations.

For people who want to talk about their favorite reads, their current reads and for those who need or want to give book recommendations.

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3 weeks ago3w

Posted by AlanCliffe
The Town and the City. Published the year one “John” Kerouac—the name it appeared —was twenty-eight, seven years before On the Road made him famous. You could compare it to Mailer's The Naked and the Dead. With both books, it is ...
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Dec 7, 2018Dec 2018

Posted by AmiSue
Just joined. Thanks @LenHazell53 for having a readers group. I am a bookstore manager. Best perk? I can borrow any hardcover book my little heart desires! I adore modern classics; Steinbeck, Camus, Dostoyevsky, Heller, Wilde... I also read ...
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Aug 1, 2018Aug 2018

Posted by LenHazell53
A new group for writers looking for inspiration. Each week, the winner of the previous weeks challenge sets a prompt ( a phrase, quote, picture, bit of music) for a story of 1000 or less on that prompt. Those who participate may vote on the best ...
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May 26, 2018May 2018

Posted by mudhen
There's a tv station airing an adaptation of Patrick Melrose by Edward St. Aubyn. I got about 5 pages into this book when it took a vile and horrific turn. I've learned since then that the novels are semi-autobiographical. He's a very well-regarded ...
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Posted by Julie808I'm currently reading "The Power Worshippers" by Katherine Stewart. Is anyone else reading this?

Posted by HannaYouI might be a bit late to the party, but for those who like Scandinavian crime thrillers (or any type of mystery/crime books), have you read Jo Nesbo's Harry Hole series?

Posted by HannaYouStephen Fry- Mythos I'm ashamed to say that I never knew much about Greek mythology until now.

Posted by HannaYouI've just finished this book and I cannot begin to describe the amount of respect and admiration I have for the author, Ayaan Hirsi Ali.

Posted by HagesHave any of you read this?

Posted by IamNobodyWell certainly took my my defense, it's 969 pages and I have other things going on as well. Anyhow, two down three more to go...

Posted by IamNobodyOne down, four more to go.

Posted by GaryWayneI do hope this group will not mind an author sharing with you a new fantasy series.

Posted by IamNobodyIamHappy camper !! GOT my collection

Posted by IamNobodyTook me a while but it was time well spent and a hell of a tour de force. Mr Isaacson delivers (Now third in my collection). It's on my shelf of completed and favorite now. Highly recommendable.

Posted by IamNobodySunday read with Maps app to see where each location is placed on the map, nice large coffe while it is still snowing.

Posted by IamNobodyI didn't notice it is a novel otherwise I wouldn't have bought it.

Posted by coralisthreeI need a friend

Posted by purcascadeSeems apropos for a book group in a dating site, no?

Posted by XuandeI just found out my favorite book series has been scooped up by Amazon for a TV show. I'm beyond excited. Any other Wheel of Time fans out there?

Posted by JenBebersteinHow do you decide which books to keep and which to let go?

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