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I wonder where the blue one is from...all are beautiful.

EyesThatSmile 8 Aug 27
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At least this doesn't break the Cardinal rule.


I think several images are simple photo-shop color changes. The only color variety of Cardinal I've ever known is this one;


Robecology Level 8 Aug 27, 2019

That is partially correct. The blue one and the other two diagonally to the right of it (pink, pink and grey) are color filtered pyrrhuloxias. Pyrrhuloxias are found in the Southwestern US and are sometimes called "desert cardinals". The grey and white bodied bird with the red crest is a red crested cardinal. Not a true grosbeak at all, they are more closely related to tanagers. I know they live in Hawaii: they were common in our yard when my family lived there. I do not know, off the top of my head, if they are native or introduced.
The yellow cardinal and the white one with pink wings are genetic mutations. The dark eyed, white and pink bird is leucistic (expressing less melanin, but not quite albino). The yellow one is xanthochromistic: a genetic mutation where red pigments are instead expressed as yellow pigments.

@Insectra they had a yellow one in Maine a couple years ago.

@Insectra Please, people; references! Don't make me keep searching for this?

@Insectra, @EyesThatSmile References, please?

@Robecology This is just stuff I know from a lifetime of bird watching. Sibley's bird book is a great reference, too.