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Ok so they are not pets but aren't they cute? And they were playing corn-hole 不不不不

Heidi68 8 Sep 12
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Msucovy ducks...the future chicken"?

Some good news about Muscovy's; their eggs are bigger and better tasting, they grow to adulthood faster than chickens, and their meat is tastier.


Robecology Level 8 Sep 14, 2019

They're "cute"...and that's why they're taking over habitats of many "less cute" and "shy - but beautiful" native species.

They're reproducing rapidly....and they're disease carriers. If you walk over to feed them, be sure to wash your shoes - especially if you have toddlers. Psittacosis, also called "Parrot fever" will cause many pet birds many hours of suffering.

If you swim in the same waters they swim in; they're are also known carries of the parasitic worm that causes swimmer's itch.

They're considered a "pest" or "invasive" species....they are causing many of our common natives - herons, egrets, and gallinules, to name a few - to nest elsewhere.

But they are edible...and they are huntable.



Robecology Level 8 Sep 13, 2019

I do not live here - I am on a work hurricane response team. I am only photographing them because they are pretty & I am bored. I have zero control over the locals & their animal population. They are just pretty photos of my exploration of the area.

@Heidi68 Where are you working on hurricane response ?

@Besalbub I work for Lowe's, they send teams to local stores to help the employees - we have teams in Morehead, Cape Carteret & New Bern.

@Heidi68 Moorehead store took a bad hit last year . I live 35 miles east of there , those ducks in your picture could possibly be my neighbors or related to them . Hmm

@Besalbub 35 miles east? I am originally from Stacy. Where do you live?

@Besalbub we had teams there last year also

@Heidi68 Are you a native to down east . I live in Gloucester Straits area '

@Besalbub yes. I was born in Sealevel Hospital. My maiden name is Fulcher. From Stacy.

@Heidi68 How about that I know Fernie Gray Fulcher and Buster Fulcher from Marshallberg . Are you kin to Jeff Fulcher he was born and raised down that way .

@Besalbub if I am it isn't a close relative.

@Heidi68 Two guy from Marshallberg I know who lived within an eighth of a mile of each other and were in their late twenties before they knew they were first cousens .


My neighbor just had two litters ( 10 +)of Miscobie ducks we're looking for homes for them .

Besalbub Level 7 Sep 13, 2019

Hmmm 'you' are looking for homes for them, not 'your' neighbor is looking for homes for them? 不

Good food for pet snake owners. They're rapidly spreading "pest" species. Please do not let them go in the wild...they take over native bird habitats.


@Robecology We have foxes to keep the population in line .

@Robecology, @Heidi68 I found a woman who has lost most of her ducks who will take them .

@Besalbub Not a good answer. The fox population is then artificially stimulated to grow due to this slow, messy, but friendly bird - that does a lot of harm to natural bird wildlife. The foxes then grow in numbers..and then wild native birds are threatened as well.

It's a species of national concern.

Here's comments on it by the 2010 "Federal Register"

"We received comments from States and individuals expressing concern over control of muscovy ducks in response to the 2006 proposal to add the species to the list of those protected under the MBTA (50 CFR 10.13). In general, States expressed concern over feral and free-ranging populations of muscovy ducks present as the result of human activity. For example, one State was concerned that protecting the species under the MBTA would severely impede our efforts to manage the feral and free-ranging populations of domestic muscovy ducks.

Sorry I couldn't find more current articles; but if you do some research you'll see they're becoming a serious, spreading problem.


@Besalbub [sun-sentinel.com]

@Besalbub these are not someone's to give away. How they got here, I have no idea and honestly do not care. I am here working, went for a walk after dinner and took pictures of pretty ducks.

@Robecology I'm not worried about overpopulation of ducks besides foxes we have plenty of racoons , oposumes , coyotes ,snakes , hawks , ospreys , dogs and cats . If they weren't penned up they wouldn't they would probably would be eaten by now .

@Heidi68 My neighbors ducks weren't mine to give away but he's happy and the woman who will get them is happy .