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Richard Dawkins Foundation for Reason & Science, Center for Inquiry and Republican Atheists have said "Merry Christmas." Let's end the war on Christmas people.

repubatheists 7 Dec 26
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What war on Christmas?

ldheinz Level 7 Dec 27, 2018

The war was fabricated to divide was unnecessary propaganda...most people really only said Happy Holidays to include more people in the traditional holiday period...Happy Holidays was much easier to say to my Jewish and Muslim friends and especially those who celebrated nothing at all except days off work.

thinktwice Level 8 Dec 27, 2018

There's a lot more to it than "Happy Holidays." Atheist groups, primarily groups associated with American Atheists, have been putting up divisive displays like this for Christmas since 2011. Their involvement led to Santa Monica, CA opting out of having a Christmas display altogether.

@repubatheists But for atheists, how is that display any different than the barrage of Christian displays and signs we see daily? The picture below is from 2011.The part I objected to is saying Obama was part of this nonsense when there were several videos showing him and his family saying Merry Christmas to everyone. To concentrate on a minority of what I consider equally nutcases on the extreme is not giving most people credit for not even buying into the bullshit...I don't know of anyone in our area, no matter their faith or political party taking part in this "war".

But saying "Merry Christmas" to non-xtians isn't divisive?

@thinktwice I don't really have an "eye for an eye" approach to situations. I do not think that because Christians go to low points, atheists should too (including billboard displays). I have lived most of my life in California and rarely ever saw religious signs, not sure how it is in the rest of the country.

I just tell people I am not an atheist who is involved in the war on Christmas. I considered it a relatively secular holiday even when I was Christian. Not sure why atheist orgs are out on this escapade every Christmas, one of the most special times of year.

@ldheinz I do not find telling non-Christians "Merry Christmas" to be offensive. I acknowledge it is a part of US history and has become a widely celebrated holiday that has been secularized. In Sweden people say, "God Jul," which translates to, "Merry Christmas," and there is no ongoing debate there of changing that statement, or telling people to not say it.

@repubatheists But who is telling us not to say it? A few nut cases are not swaying the rest of the country...I would consider it a battle, and not a war since it does not seem as wide spread as it was made out to be. I agree that it has become more secular, which does offend the evangelicals around here...they are the ones who get hostile when we try to be more inclusive or who is waging the war then? I always answer back to people who wish me Merry Christmas with As salaam alaikum...Peace be with you...that should not be any more offensive as well, right?

@thinktwice Ever since I started paying attention to atheist groups 10 years ago I've noticed they have a goal of challenging people from saying Merry Christmas. Personally speaking, as an atheist, I was surprised it was even an issue. I viewed Christmas as a secular holiday. A lot of people go to church, but a lot of people also just stay home and open gifts. It's fine for people to say whatever they want, but as atheist I think it's fine for people, including atheists, to say Merry Christmas.

@repubatheists I don't disagree...we should say or not say whatever we are comfortable with and allow the same courtesy to others...and on that note: as salaam alaikium...peace be with you...thanks for a respectful discussion


There is no war on Christmas, why would there be?

paul1967 Level 8 Dec 26, 2018

There has been a war on Christmas for some time.

@repubatheists Who's fighting this war? This is not meant as an insult because we all know we get convinced of things that aren't true and perhaps it's me that's convinced of the wrong thing and not you. But I suspect Fox News has convinced you that liberals and secular groups are waging war when that's not true. Liberals say happy holidays not to exclude Christmas, but to include people who may not celebrate Christmas.

@paul1967 This concept does not come from Fox News. I would think most people who have observed atheist organizations and media outlets over the years would acknowledge they are particularly active in "waging war" during Christmas time. For some time now, every Christmas many groups put up divisive billboards, displays, etc., dating back to 2011 in Santa Monica (from what I can recall). These displays tend to not be heartfelt - they are put up just to spark reaction and division.

@repubatheists I don't see what you see. I admit that doesn't mean it's not happening, but I can say is I'm involved with a lot of Atheist groups and I don't see attacks on Christmas unless you're talking about Christian nativity scenes on government land. If that's what you're talking about then yes and I support not giving an inch. As far as billboards, none of the groups I belong to have the money to fund that. I haven't seen any anti-Christmas billboards in Santa Monica. I googled anti-Christmas billboards and what I saw were Atheist pro-Christmas-billboards and anti-church. If Christmas to you is about Jesus then I can see why you think its anti-Christmas, but in my opinion, this is pro-reason, pro-Christmas and anti-church.

@paul1967 Santa Monica is one of the first cases I know of where atheist groups became involved in city Christmas displays, and led to the city deciding there should be no Christmas display altogether. You can read about it here.. []

The backbone behind many of these displays is American Atheists, as you can see they have put their website on the billboards, including the Santa Monica display. American Atheists may help some groups with funding, I'm not exactly sure.

I consider Christmas to be about unity. Billboards telling people what to do (not go to church) and telling people their beliefs are a myth, is challenging unity and ultimately makes the atheist community look like a bunch of jerks. Not to mention telling people what to do and think reminds me of religion. I tell people, "That's not the kind of atheist I am.."

@repubatheists I think that we are in disagreement over how we define Christmas. I define Christmas as Santa Claus, reindeer, elves, presents, tree's covered in decorations, and the term Merry Christmas/Happy Holidays and there is no war on that. What you're showing isn't that, it's a religious nativity scene on public property. I support preventing religious nativity scenes on public property, and I don't view that as having anything to do with Christmas. Jesus wasn't born on Dec 25th, and if the Christians wish to use that day to celebrate the Birth of a mythical man-god, nobody is stopping them from doing that, they can't push their worldview on public property unless Atheism is permitted to do the same type of worldview pushing on public property. Remember it's not Atheists saying they can't do it, it's the courts saying you can't have an "exclusive right" to display religious propaganda on public property. Is that a war on Christmas? No, not in my opinion it's a war on the Christian churches who want special privileges to advertise their faith at the exclusion of anyone else.

@paul1967 I'm not talking nativity displays. I'm talking about saying "Merry Christmas" and atheist organizations' approach to influencing the public.

@repubatheists Your last post was all about nativity scenes, but I say, Merry Christmas when I know (for whatever reason) that the person is a Christian. However, If being respectful to others unknown faith is how you define a war on Christmas then I guess you have an expansive definition of war. I think saying happy holidays is more inclusive and respectful, but I still say Merry Christmas to those in my life I know who are Christians.

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