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Instead of using the word "spirituality" I have been using the word "emotionality". I think the word spirituality has too much religious baggage and besides, emotionality still describes a wonderful emotional experience that you can have in recovery. I heard this idea from a friend, I like it. What do you think?

SalC 6 June 17
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I have been looking for an alternative word to replace the word “spiritual.” I do see the “maintenance of my spiritual condition” as more or less analogous to general emotional hygiene.

But, for me, there are other components of “spiritual” that the term “emotionality” does not contain or address. Concepts like humility, wisdom, maturity, integrity, open mindedness, a sense of connection and communion (with others and the planet), and a general sense of the whole being greater than the sum of its parts seem to be implied or invoked when the term “spiritual” is used.

I could be trying make the term “spiritual” work too hard.

Bikes4Fish Level 7 June 25, 2018

interesting, because I use the word "spirituality" as an alternative to "religious", because I am so not religious , of course. I feel it has to do with our inner spirit more than anything. I like the term "Empathic" when I speak of emotional sensitivity. Although, not everyone who is emotional is Empathic! ha! Emotionality is a good word, covers it well.

DeeWoman Level 7 June 17, 2018

I like that idea. I'm not exactly a "spiritual" person, so emotionality is something I can relate to more.To me, being spiritual is too vague, too abstract an idea. I can't be spiritual when I truly don't know what it is entirely.

anthonyco Level 5 June 17, 2018

I would say no. The two words convey different ideas. Words get commandeered along the way. Rainbow now means two things but we probably won't want to change the name of the mulicoloured thing in the sky. We'll understand which meaning should be taken going by the context.

brentan Level 8 June 17, 2018

I think it works well

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