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Sipping my morning coffee, and I am totally lost in trying to understand what happened to the America, in which I grew up ? I guess when we became rich enough to do away with barn raiseings, and helping each other every day, we became complacent, and arrogant, and then the class warfare started and everybody wanted all the bucks they could get, and "I got mine, even if I had to steal it from you getting yours. " Not so much those who work for the government, but those elected are on appearances, the worst co conspirators with corporate America.

If I were asked to describe a scene which represented the citizens of the United States, and even extend it to parts of the world, most of my fellow citizens have to be feeling much like the survivors of the Titanic, float in a wide ocean, with no direction, and limited help available...All the while being told, "the ship is fine, the ship is not sinking.'

Biagnostic 5 Feb 26
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I was too young for the social activism of the 60s and, by the 70s, we liberals had become complacent, with a "no worries, we got this" attitude.

Were we ever wrong. We had no idea the power the then "moral majority" minority was mustering...and the terrible directions we would take.

We must remember the "manifest destiny" attitude of xians...the same mentality that has resulted in the obliteration of every culture they come in contact with, including those of the entire western hemisphere.

DangerDave Level 8 Feb 26, 2018