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I decided to join this group and see how it goes. I'm a mental health and AODA therapist. I got into the drug and alcohol part through being a mental health therapist. I am not an addict or alcoholic. In the past I did suffer from more extreme anxiety and depression. Well more extreme depression than I have now. I pretty much have gotten rid of the anxiety problem. Counseling and practicing mindfulness did help with that, hence my career choice. I've always had some depression. Over the last ten years it's pretty much just stayed the comfortable dystemia. I can live with that but it does effect my ambition and diet. I do exercise to try and counter my diet and low energy level. Anyway, for sure this group covers an important topic, especially since most recovery groups available are not secular. It might help me with my dystemia.

Rudy1962 9 Mar 10
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Hi Rudy! Welcome and glad you're here! Which AODA? I created this group largely as a "healer heal thyself" project which, being a recovering addict and becoming a trained counselor over a decade before, have seen both sides of addiction (and resultant mental health) issues. This group is new and only a few members have posted. If you have a few moments look over some of the previous posts and leave some comments as applicable, even for mine. Seeing I don't have a lot of other opportunities right now this is "12th stepping" for me. I hope you find the group as beneficial to you!

DangerDave Level 8 Mar 10, 2018

Thanks, Dave.

I do outpatient AODA...lots of grey area about what is AODA and what is mental health. More educational and dealing with vulnerabilities and triggers. One on one, out patient.

It all works here. This is a generic sharing and support group. You can offer a unique perspective on your experiences...too!