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Attitudes to Mental Health and weed in the UK vs US:

I live in the UK and have been getting 'some' help with my depression and related mental health issues since a breakdown around 18 months - 2 years ago. Every time I go to my see my case worker she brings up my cannabis use which Iadmit is habitual yet I also feel necessary for my sanity and it helps with pain management too IMHO.

Anyway I would like to hear from professionals/other sufferers across the world who might be using this forum for their insight and input. I hear many users with similar issues to me in legalised states in the US and Canada saying they are prescribed cannabis as part of their treatment however my experience form this side of the pond from health professionals and the NHS is a predisposition to the negative mental health implications of using weed etc. I know the Illegal strands available in the UK might be the reason for confusion over the topic as they are super strong but what is the counter argument if there is one?

Any comment welcome, Thanks 😉

pictomaniac 5 Mar 21
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HI @pictomaniac I used weed and still do on very rare occasions now to help counter the effects of depression anxiety andcomplex PTSD which I've had from being a teenager, none of the prescribed meds worked for me and I was initially self medicating with booze, and let's face that's not good, so I used weed to replace the booze, nowadays I micro dose on magic mushrooms and use Russian chaga too. I'm in the UK and my doctor never really commented when I told him what I was using. I think that using weed in large quantity, just like booze in large quantity when you're susceptible to paranoia can be a very bad thing.


I'm a mental health therapist here in America. Many of my clients use THC to deal with symptoms. I've been convinced it helps most of them. Surely it is a better option, if it helps, than addictive prescribed drugs:. , benzodiazepams, adderall and other stimulants, opiates. I've known a few that THC made their symptoms worse ,which is true for any drug.. It is not legal here in Wisconsin. I argue all the time with the owner of the clinic where I work, who has a much more conservative position on THC. It pretty much depends on the therapist one has.

Rudy1962 Level 9 Mar 21, 2018

Our most recent (pre Trump) government research shows the benefits and detriments of the use of marijuana for many physical and mental health issues. Read it yourself but the major consensus is there is not enough data to come to a conclusion.

Still, in more politically liberal areas of the US the positive reports continue as more areas vote to legalize marijuana.

Marijuana seems to be flying below Trump Dynasty radar as our desteemed dictator goes after the death penalty for opioid dealers, except of course the real ones who are his friends and personal profits in big pharma.

link: Committee on the Health Effects of Marijuana:
An Evidence Review and Research Agenda

Board on Population Health and Public Health Practice


DangerDave Level 8 Mar 21, 2018