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This is incredible 😎😎😎

By IrishHeart
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I don't think I would ever be able to zip that up for her!

august70 Level 4 Dec 22, 2018

Very nice I would be funny and have a thumbs up.

PinkyandtheBrain Level 7 Dec 21, 2018

I think that's the longest I ever stared at a picture in here. 😍

hippydog Level 7 Dec 21, 2018
0 zipper going up or down.....yeah.....I know..

HankSherman Level 7 Dec 21, 2018

She just gave me a heart attack!

TheGreatShadow Level 8 Dec 20, 2018

See, you used it anyway!

@phxbillcee Don't tell nobody. lol


In my wildest dreams...

Bobbyzen Level 7 Dec 20, 2018

Fuck zippers...

Seeker55 Level 8 Dec 20, 2018

Or buttons, or lack thereof!

@phxbillcee all of the above.


One nice booty and almost for night out.

freedom41 Level 7 Dec 20, 2018

Looks remarkably tasty lol

Cutiebeauty Level 9 Dec 20, 2018

Love the "heart"!

phxbillcee Level 9 Dec 20, 2018

DAMNIT! You and others need to stop beating me to the punch line! Knock it off!

My answer was heart as well.

The heart is somewhat subliminal- I didn’t really see it until you brought it up.

@Haemish1 Jumped right out at me! Along with what it contained, of course!

@Haemish1, @TheGreatShadow Hey, I just do what I do!

@phxbillcee Stop doing it then! I'm trying to get to lvl 11! Stealing all my points! lol

@TheGreatShadow LOL! I yam what I yam, & there is no way in hell you'll outpoint me. It's not a challenge, just a fact. I've got you by well over 400k (seriously). I have no doubt you will do well, just not as well as me! LMAO! (& not in a nasty way, just in a Church Lady superior way!!!)

@phxbillcee You egotistical prick! lol A guy can dream can't he? smile001.gif


@TheGreatShadow Not really egotistical, when I got on this Site it was never my wish or intention to have the most points. I just do what I do & they just come. I'd do it anyway. Now that I am here tho, I like to have fun with it. What the hell, I don't have a lot else, I take care of my 89 yo Mom, go to the VA & grocery shop. I see my few friends once in awhile & sit at my computer. Ilove this Site & enjoy participating.

@phxbillcee That's an oldie moldie! I like the tone of the guitars. Not something you hear in modern years! I wonder what kind of pickups they use.

But I raise you!

@TheGreatShadow I'll go two steps forward, & a bunch weirder...These guys have their own dream...

@phxbillcee What I can't collect ceramic unicorns?

Never heard that song! Do they do drugs? I raise you...

@TheGreatShadow Very early Mothers (Zappa), & if you don't know Zappa, I don't want to know you!

@TheGreatShadow I can see you not knowing that particular song, it was before your time, but if you are not familiar with Zappa, you can't call yourself a guitarist!

@TheGreatShadow & hell, that Dylan song pre-dates the Mothers' song, tho not by a lot!

@TheGreatShadow Okay...

@phxbillcee Next is the Grateful Dead? I raise you again!

@TheGreatShadow Well, I could do...

@TheGreatShadow But, instead I'll do...

@TheGreatShadow You do know both of us can do this forever, & I don't know if this is the right Group for this. Wanna...

@phxbillcee I raise you....


Easy access?

FIREmedic Level 7 Dec 20, 2018

I was done before the zipper went down. Wham bam thank you ma'mm! Or something to that effect...

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