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A large percentage of my posts are getting rejected by agnostic for this group and I cannot explain it. There seems to be no rhyme or reason. Anyone else getting email saying your post was denied?

By FIREmedic
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I've had a couple, and it makes zero sense. Compared to some of the others, mine were tame.

James00346 Level 6 Jan 25, 2019

I've never had one rejected - yet.

BitFlipper Level 6 Jan 25, 2019

I think it is when people tag them. Not sure why.

AlexRam Level 7 Jan 25, 2019

I get a message saying the post has been deleted or something. However, it does not tell me which post...

Literally got this two seconds after I read this.

Q: Why do some of my notifications say "Content Deleted"?

A: Sometimes we notify members of new posts/comments/replies/etc and then the author or we remove the content. Instead of deleting your notification, we just show "Content Deleted". We do this so members won't wonder where the notification alert went.

TheGreatShadow Level 8 Jan 24, 2019

Do they give a reason? Are you sure it's content related? Maybe file size? Just spitballin' here.

Ludo Level 6 Jan 24, 2019

I have not had any problems posting here

RobertNappi2 Level 8 Jan 24, 2019

Nope..maybe the pics are to provocative flesh wise..

Charlene Level 8 Jan 24, 2019

I had that happen today and three days ago and they were tame.

actofdog Level 7 Jan 24, 2019

As one of the Mods for "Memes R Us", I've seen far too much of this. It is my opinion that Admin has hired a number of retired nuns to oversee the Posts on the Site & that old "habits" die hard!

phxbillcee Level 9 Jan 24, 2019

Yes, several times! 😠👣

TDSkully Level 7 Jan 24, 2019

I've not had any problems, but those few pictures I've posted have been very tame indeed.

One girl was, after all, carved out of marble.

ToakReon Level 7 Jan 24, 2019

I’ve had no issues posting anything 🤔

Haemish1 Level 7 Jan 24, 2019

People are either reporting the posts or @sitesupport is doing it... If there are people in my group reporting or flagging posts, I don't want them here... Maybe ill pm sitesupport and discuss the issue... Just repost... That's what I do...

Cutiebeauty Level 9 Jan 24, 2019

Yep, repost, & re-repost if needed. Wear the boogers down!

I knew I liked you for a reason. smile009.gif


I got a couple, but then it stopped, not sure why.

MerlinZap Level 7 Jan 24, 2019

I think so

bobwjr Level 7 Jan 24, 2019

message @Cutiebeauty, it's her group

coralisthree Level 8 Jan 24, 2019

Who have you pissed off... Perhaps in personal messages? Any known enemies who report you a lot? I have heard of ugly politics here and a few people leaving and coming back under a different screen name

MoonTiger Level 7 Jan 24, 2019

I have made very few enemies. I don’t think they are getting reported. I think it’s something about the site algorithm.

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