Conservative Bashers

This is a group where you can safely come to bash any conservative group, individual or action. No trolling is allow.
86 members, 620 posts, Last Activity: Jun 6, 2023

I don't give a fuck

Giving too many fucks is bad for you. This group will receive any and all your fucks and wash them away.
15 members, 22 posts, Last Activity: Jun 5, 2023

Mental Health Chat

NAMI, the National Alliance on Mental Illness, has an excellent list of 25 HelpLine resources. [] A group and 24 hour chatroom to discuss mental health casually and ...
Topics: Activism, Health, Other, Relationships / Dating, Happiness / Self Improvement
214 members, 112 posts, Last Activity: Apr 22, 2023

Survivors of roman catholicism

For those of us who survived catholicism, whether it is how we were raised or otherwise
Topics: Atheism / Agnosticism / Nonbelief, Religion / Spiritualism, Sexuality / Gender
20 members, 56 posts, Last Activity: May 27, 2023

Jazz, Blues, Funk, Soul, Reggae, Dance, Punk, Alternative, Rock and Roll.

Jazz Music. Blues Music. Soul Music. Funk. Reggae, World Beat. Afro Beat. Ska. Punk, Surf, Be Bop. Swing, Standard, Classic Country. Alt Rock, Indy, College, Whatever. Some Hip ...
Topics: Art, Film / Movies / TV, Fan Groups, Music, Society / Culture
384 members, 1,139 posts, Last Activity: Jun 5, 2023

No more war

For those who are antiwar. Who are able to criticise all or any side. Who are disgusted at the profiteering war provides some. A place to post the consequences of war. A place ...
28 members, 54 posts, Last Activity: Jun 2, 2023

Laughter is medicine

All humour is welcome including philosophical satire,taken with a grain of salt. Political jokes and satire are catered for elsewhere so please refraim from posting here. Enjoy a...
36 members, 155 posts, Last Activity: May 28, 2023

Marijuana changing the world

Many scientists and philosophers don't give humanity much of a chance. Albert Einstein, Mark Twain, Kurt Vonnegut, and recently George Carlin, all gave up on humanity. There has ...
Topics: Atheism / Agnosticism / Nonbelief, Books / Writing / Poetry, Creativity, Health, Politics / Political Ideology
80 members, 17 posts, Last Activity: May 20, 2023

Atheist Videos & Miscellany

Mostly YT videos from a variety of atheist posters
88 members, 587 posts, Last Activity: May 7, 2023

The Daily Life

Just a group for if you just want to talk about your day or stuff on your mind that doesn't fit into any category and you don't feel needs to be up on the front page. Ramblings and...
Topics: Career, Family, Hobbies /Interests, Happiness / Self Improvement, Society / Culture
119 members, 45 posts, Last Activity: Apr 14, 2023

General Topics

Basically the front page of
Topics: Creativity, Fan Groups, Humor, News, Other
147 members, 227 posts, Last Activity: Jun 2, 2023

Eclectic Jams

A place to share the music you love.
Topics: Film / Movies / TV
615 members, 2,122 posts, Last Activity: Jun 5, 2023

Freedom from Religion Foundation

The Freedom from Religion Foundation works as an effective state/church watchdog and voice for freethought (atheism, agnosticism, skepticism).
Topics: Activism, Atheism / Agnosticism / Nonbelief, Fan Groups, Politics / Political Ideology
630 members, 287 posts, Last Activity: Jun 1, 2023

Trolls, Scammers & Nigerian Russian Wives:Report Them Here

This is a Group created to try to help identify Agnostic Users whose sole purpose for joining this site is to exploit and scam. If you suspect a scammer, leave the information in ...
Topics: Humor, Other, Relationships / Dating, Society / Culture
172 members, 896 posts, Last Activity: May 18, 2023

Non-nude sexy pics

This group is similar &sexypics except there will be no nudity... Just sexy pics of women and / or men... Bathing suits, shorts, lingerie, etc, etc...
Topics: Art, Film / Movies / TV, Health, Relationships / Dating, Sexuality / Gender
194 members, 2,468 posts, Last Activity: Jun 2, 2023

Memes edited

For memes that engender conversation. More humor and more conversation. Not for hate: of men or women. No violence against children. If you continually post hate memes you ...
Topics: Animals / Pets, Art, Atheism / Agnosticism / Nonbelief, Debate / Argument, Environment
191 members, 1,918 posts, Last Activity: Mar 3, 2023

Star Trek fans

A group for fans of all versions of Star Trek from The Original Series to Next Generation to Deep Space Nine to Voyager to the movies (old and new!) to Discovery.
Topics: Atheism / Agnosticism / Nonbelief, Debate / Argument, Film / Movies / TV, Fan Groups
266 members, 414 posts, Last Activity: May 28, 2023

Jokes and humor about religion

A place to post humor about the insanity of religious beliefs and practices. Keep it funny at an intellectual level - without being racist or degrading
Topics: Atheism / Agnosticism / Nonbelief, Humor, Religion / Spiritualism, Science, Society / Culture
250 members, 784 posts, Last Activity: May 21, 2023

All Things Astronomy

Like NPR "All Things Considered" with a focus on astronomy and space topics to include... literally any object or phenomenon above Earth's atmosphere. (PLEASE abstain from posting ...
Topics: Hobbies /Interests, Science, Technology
708 members, 753 posts, Last Activity: May 29, 2023

Widow(er)/life partner/significant other in 4 hours, 37 mins

This is a group for those who have lost a spouse, life partner, or significant other to share the unique issues they face and to support each other as they recover from that ...
269 members, 416 posts, Last Activity: Apr 14, 2023


A person who finds intelligence sexually attractive or arousing.
Topics: Relationships / Dating
245 members, 55 posts, Last Activity: Apr 22, 2023

Metal, Punk, and other Avenues of Aggression

The name says it all. Come, listen, share, have discussions, expand each other’s libraries.
Topics: Music
297 members, 2,552 posts, Last Activity: May 26, 2023

Humour, Fun, Chuckles, Laughs, or Cutes, From Everywhere.

Funny, & cute things we see, read, or hear, that don't fit other categories.
Topics: Animals / Pets, Atheism / Agnosticism / Nonbelief, Humor
818 members, 1,274 posts, Last Activity: Jun 5, 2023


Interested in creating a home for rock, country, new age, jazz - pretty much anything that doesn't feature lyrics.
Topics: Music
324 members, 1,234 posts, Last Activity: Jun 5, 2023

Environment, Ecology and Sustainability

Articles and debate of interest for the preservation of the environment globally.
Topics: Activism, Charity, Economics / Social Sciences, Environment, Science
313 members, 710 posts, Last Activity: May 19, 2023

Hippie Land -

Do You live life to the fullest? Do you promote love, peace and happiness? Do you live a free and loving lifestyle or want to practice a simpler existence? This is going to be a ...
Topics: Activism, Art, Books / Writing / Poetry, Creativity, Film / Movies / TV
289 members, 2,404 posts, Last Activity: May 29, 2023

Critter Corner

For people who like the more "maligned" creatures, such as insects, reptiles, amphibians, sea life etc.
Topics: Animals / Pets
340 members, 1,014 posts, Last Activity: May 21, 2023

Music of the Movies

This is for our favorite (& less favorite) movie tunes, theme songs, soundtracks. You might even list your favorite movie music composers. And a sample of the tune is always ...
Topics: Film / Movies / TV, Music
435 members, 1,482 posts, Last Activity: Jun 5, 2023


A place to exercise reason, deep thought, freethinking, and share research, articles, videos, and a variety of sources pertaining to philosophical concepts. Debate and discussion ...
Topics: Philosophy
440 members, 136 posts, Last Activity: Apr 28, 2023

Florida Freethinkers

Freethinking Florida folks from all over the state. Sharing thoughts, views and news of local, county, and this state's communities.
Topics: Atheism / Agnosticism / Nonbelief, Family, Relationships / Dating
438 members, 383 posts, Last Activity: Apr 14, 2023

Bible Belt Survivors in 37 mins

A place for agnostics and atheists living in the Bible Belt to share their experiences, to vent, rant, encourage each other, etc., and of course, hang out and just have fun. Those ...
Topics: Atheism / Agnosticism / Nonbelief, Religion / Spiritualism, Society / Culture
475 members, 195 posts, Last Activity: May 26, 2023

Metal music

Post music videos of your favorite metal bands.
Topics: Music
452 members, 1,852 posts, Last Activity: Jun 5, 2023

The Watering hole

This is a place to discuss everything, and nothing. As long as there is respect for others then no subject is taboo. But if one insults another they'll be warned. Threaten another ...
Topics: Debate / Argument, Happiness / Self Improvement
523 members, 280 posts, Last Activity: Apr 14, 2023


Meet others and chat. We try to welcome anyone who wants to chat. We know you are overtired and it can make you feel ghastly. All sorts of topics go - but good behavior is...
Topics: Animals / Pets, Family, Health, Hobbies /Interests
556 members, 1,688 posts, Last Activity: May 26, 2023

Cheesy Jokes

Jokes. Just jokes. Cheesy ones. Not so cheesy ones. Funny stuff. Poor sentence structures. Come on in, share, laugh. Disclaimer: Not responsible for soiled clothing from ...
Topics: Humor
1,291 members, 3,277 posts, Last Activity: Jun 5, 2023

Sex, Drugs, Rock and Roll

A place for people to talk about music sex and life
619 members, 724 posts, Last Activity: May 22, 2023

Food Glorious Food

A group to share recipes, ideas, styles of cooking, and virtual dinners. Please note that you have to press the join group button to be able to contribute. I do not want negative ...
Topics: Creativity, Family, Drink / Food / Diet, Health, Happiness / Self Improvement
1,326 members, 2,354 posts, Last Activity: Jun 5, 2023

Paleontology, Archeology, and Anthropology

A for people who are interested in paleontology, archeology, and anthropology. Pseudoscience, ancient aliens, etc. discouraged.
Topics: Animals / Pets, Education, Science
663 members, 525 posts, Last Activity: May 27, 2023

Star Trek Memes

A place for all things Star Trek, but particularly memes.
3 members, 2 posts, Last Activity: Apr 26, 2023

Shopping Site Reviews

Review of shopping sites & shopping site review sites.
2 members, 1 post, Last Activity: Apr 14, 2023

Ungodly Truth

We work to convey the Ungodly Truth, reality, to the Weak of Mind. This group is for those who enjoy the nearly impossible task of introducing reality to the Delusional. If you're ...
17 members, 8 posts, Last Activity: Apr 14, 2023

The Plague

Anti-Vaxxers Make Me Sick!
8 members, 10 posts, Last Activity: Apr 14, 2023

Mid Tennessee Anti Religious

The manmade teachings of man have harmed us and those we love.
3 members, 1 post, Last Activity: Apr 14, 2023


A place to discuss the impact of AI and where it's going. A place to express hope and concerns. Technology is also unavoidable when discussing AI.
Topics: Religion / Spiritualism
7 members, 8 posts, Last Activity: Apr 14, 2023

Facts and Physics of 9/11/2001

An open discussion of the events of 9/11 and the available evidence. After two decades we still do not have closure and no one has been held accountable for one of the biggest ...
7 members, 44 posts, Last Activity: May 25, 2023

Radical Nationalism

An answer to the social problems we face today. A national home for all. Live and let live. You can't be in conflict with people who are not there to be in conflict with. Stop ...
2 members, 0 posts, Last Activity: Apr 14, 2023

Workplace issues

Do you friends and family members get sick of you ventng about the problems you have with people at work? Let's try doing it here instead.We can commiserate and maybe even provide ...
4 members, 3 posts, Last Activity: Apr 14, 2023

Prostate treatments

There's so many meds out there...and I'm getting P.O.'ed (literally) about which med to take. I'd like to chat among senior agnostic men who've possibly found a solution?
7 members, 4 posts, Last Activity: Apr 14, 2023

Truth Seekers

Welcome to the group In this group we discuss the often ignored topics and seek to uncover the untold truths behind them. Please bear in mind that no form of abusive language ...
Topics: Religion / Spiritualism
12 members, 14 posts, Last Activity: Apr 14, 2023

Ceremonies, non religious funerals, weddings, debaptisisms, divorces

Secular ceremonies, links, orgs, officiants
Topics: Science
6 members, 5 posts, Last Activity: Apr 14, 2023

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